Sunday, 14 February 2010

Christmas night out

Last year we had it in April, so i think we're doing quite well to have it in Feb this year! lol
We decided on Howie's for dinner, it was fab as usual, Martyn & Nat hadn't been at that one before (Waterloo place) but I've been fair few times. Had Butternut Squash & chili soup t start then Chicken for main course. Natalia & Martyn had desert i just had wine ;)
Me & Martyn drank bottle champers I'd taken along (£3 corkage, it's fab) and Nat stuck to JD. Then i went onto wine. After meal we headed to Voodoo rooms to dance the night away. Natalia went to bar and came back with bottle wine, ffs i was only one drinking it, Martyn was on pints and Nat on JD! We danced loads it was fab, love a bit schwiiiiiiing! Got chatted up and a few dances, men really *are* like buses huh? After wine was finished moved onto Vodkas then we started on the shots, black sambuca being the order of the day, oh dear. I ended up going home with a cushion, had to call Martyn and ask where the heck it came from, he cant remember though, muppet. He said i dropped it as i wandered up street and he ran after me and handed it back to me. Got taxi home after that hahha great night :o)

Today Stephen came home with massive teddy, and massive card and other random presents. He's taking Kelly out for meal tonight too ffs! I got nowt! :o( A night in alone with a Chinese takeaway for me....oh and Roger called earlier and told me he got me a valentines card! wtf, i said WHY??? he said *cause i didn't think you'd get one*
fuck right off!

It's my last day working with David tomorrow, booo. I think I've inspired him though as he has been out running last 2 days and has proudly txt me to tell me. We' ll all miss him when he goes back to his *real* job. Och well.

Really looking forward to My birthday on Tuesday, going for Spa day with Jemima to Norton House Hotel, it includes a champagne lunch, cant wait! Oh and Simon might be coming up next weekend, wooop!


  1. Have a great day Tuesday sis. x

  2. I luv black sambucca. It's the only shot I really do. Love the frock.

  3. Black sambuca?? Oh dear. Sounds like a fantastic xmas do Santa.XX



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