Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WHW training run-Day 2, part 1, maybe only part actually.

So after not much sleep (strange beds, you know how it is..) alaram went off at 7.30 am and of course i jumped out of bed immediaetly, to get some gatorade and jumped right back in again... ;)

Made it to breakfast just a little late after few interuptions (match of day, what can i say..) and apparently woke up the Shanksi's whilst in corridor, classy hotel with really thick walls you see....

Anyway, i digress. Simon lost his purse but didn't know it until waitress shouted out from behind bar (remember, it's almost weejieland)WHO'S IN ROOM 10?" i poked him and said, oi, you are, cause he was clueless, clearly. Being from Engerlunshire n all... haha

Ok, day 2> Scotty totally wimped out on us the big girls blouse and sloped off home after big fry up, i forgot to mention that Nick, my fabulous adopted big bro who was only ever intending on doing Saturday's run, decided halfway through that he was staying for Sundays too, i did tell him it would suck him in and he'd be enchanted :)

We all got stuck into big fry up and waited, and waited, and waited for Soph to arrive lol. She eventually got here carrying her usual kitchen sink, flares and wigwam. Great that she made it though, and she didn't puke on Simons feet this time for which he was mighty relieved. So off w e set off for a nice 25miles. I was dying of thirst, maybe it was too hot or something but i drank all my gatorade really quickly and had to refuel at beinglass farm on turnaround.Nothing to do with all alcohol night before, och no.

Fair bit of snow around this time, shows just how much higher up we were. I ran this leg with Susan last yr and it was strange doing it backwards, good on turnaround though as i got to see it as we will on fling day. Lots of climbing but it really is quite stunning. i have to say i had no *down* moments on Sunday at all, i loved it. We lost Minty quite early on as he'd been having a few ankle problems after tumbling the previous day, then we lost Iain too who'd decided he'd done enough but also did marvellous and more than he'd ever done before, some bloody fantastic running we had. As is the way with WHW, the terrain seems to change every 10 mins or so, i love it, i ran through streams, over bridges, tree roots, up hills, dwn trails, over styles, bridges, knee deep mud, funny heelan cooo's scabby sheep, no scabby queens though, he went home remember... Marvellous. Vicky was great company, it was her longest run ever too so i felt we were in same boat.

In fact it was all over too quickly, and before we knew it we were back in tyndrum. 54 miles done over 2 fantastic days and i felt ok. I was so so proud of Nick, he'd had a few low points but come through them with all guns blazing, amazing.

Here we are at end, rest were in pub by time we got there so missed out on photoshoot.

The cold set in as soon as i stopped though and i nipped into the luxury toilets in hotel to get changed. Bowl of soup and 2 pots of tea later and all was ok :o) Lots of hugs and sad goodbyes and "see you in April!" ensued and it was time for journey home.

We threatened to throw the engerlunder out of car in the Weej cause he was giving us bit too much cheek but we relented and let him stay. Talking of which, he decided to stay another day so his education nto all things Scottish could continue, silly for him to bale at such a crucial stage. There is a long long way to go though, i fear it's a lost cause.
Nick declined cuppa T and decided to press on with his journey, what an absolute star he was thanks for all the chauffeuring around and for being you :) Me & Simon had pizza & champagne for dinner and didn't g to bed til early hours.

I had booked day off on Monday and actually expected to have really sore or tired legs, i didn't! Bonza!
Spent most of it in bed though. :o)

Ok, i eventually got up and made pot of soup so at least i did something constructive. Went out for dinner and wee bit More champagne before seeing Simon to train station to make sure he actually left ;) Thanks for fabulous weekend. x

I've said it many a time, but i'll say it again, Karen & George, you were responsible for every one of us who was there at weekend, and can only say thank you once again. Happy Days indeed.


  1. So, this is where you're hiding these days. Great blog about a fantastic weekend. It was really lovely to see you - can't wait for D33.

  2. pmsl funny little lady :-) We have had some fun weekends and good friends rock!!XX

  3. Happy days indeed , a very special weekend. x



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