Thursday, 4 February 2010


Not today, i did that yesterday! ;)

Actually, i *have* been resting this week, no doublers, just running shorter distances to work and bus home, good girl me! I really do need to save legs for weekend, this will be true test of stamina and I'm actually bit worried about how I'll cope on the Sunday..

Icy and snowy still outside and i decided to use my New blue inov8's that i bought from Lorna (aka vrap) to give them trial run for weekend, thank god i did. I felt a rubbing in my arch and by time i got t work i had beginnings of a blister :( Never had one ickle blister ever from my other ones (orange) 315's even after hundreds of miles in them. I've mailed Leon about it to see what/why etc to see if he can help, being the shoe expert n all...

Oh, i ran *the Flasher route* today, i made sure i was very very aware and ws on my guard big time. Police van and a police car passed me within a mile of each other around the area reported so i doubt we'll see him there, Surely this just moves the weirdos on elsewhere? hmmm

Fair bit of intolerance around on fetch again i see. There are some mixed up (or maybe just fucked up) people around, i guess the bigger any place gets the more *diverse* a crowd it attracts huh? Dirt Monkey, i just dont get him at all, his weird threads n stuff, whats it all about? No point in baiting him though, or picking on him as quite a lot of people do. Bullying i guess. James gets that in, in his *woe is me* blogs. I did lose plot with him one day mind you and stopped reading his blogs after that, it was around the time of finding out Andi (oldbiddy)had cancer and i just lost sympathy. He did mail me bout it and we had a talk about it, i do feel for him but poeple need to help themselves before anyone else can.

Once this weekend is over i can start the countdown to my birthday and the fabulous spa day with Jemima. S'all good folks.


  1. I want some blue Inov8's too! Not to run in, just to look funky in Tescos. :)

  2. Hi its hippo here
    Dirt Monkey is just an attention seeking immature troll

  3. Hey there you. I CBAed to post on Fetch currently. Too many prize arseholes around

  4. I'm finding it all really rather sad, especially when I see the lovely people they are driving away :(

  5. Tess dont be sad. I think i'm postingmore than i was before i migrated here, i was starting to avoid the place ful stop, now i'm back!

  6. Thanks for fmailing me Sandra, your blog is great. x
    Ignore the idiots on Fetch and love the good uns there are some about! I tend to stick to the same threads (Highland Fling, 1500 miles) and the folk are fine. Seeya tomorrow!

  7. loving the blogs on here Santa, enjoy WHW this weekend have lots of fun:-)

  8. missing you flannel face :-) but i'm glad you're ok and running like a gazelle ...

  9. hi Sandra :o)
    Just wanted to pop my face in and say hello

  10. So glad to catch up with you, I was wondering where you had gone. At least you didn't get picked up by the cops on the flasher route ;).

  11. Hello short scotspersonette
    I haven't had much time to stalk you around ftcheveryone lately I am afraid
    I can't help feeling that there is a tendency to take websites and threads and forums too seriously; that goes for the unpleasantness, too. It is easier for people to display their unpleasantness on a forum than it is for them to do so in The World. If they do it too much in The World they will get a) the sack b) divorced d) victimless fairly quickly; on a forum it's sort of free of charge.

    That said, I don't think there are enough horrid people on Fetch to make much impact. I'd have thought a worse fate was being ignored.
    Now, I only want to be unignored by about six people (including short scotchettes). So I am fairly easily mollified.

    But there are those who squeak uninterruptedly for attention and the only way they know how to do it is by needling everyone.

    In short, the fsqueakers don't really bother us in real life, do they?



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