Friday, 12 February 2010

Things that make me go mmmmm

Today started off bad, first was the aborted run, bad. The realisation i'd have to pull out of race tomorrow, bad. Got into Kitchen and there was water all over floor, bad. It was David's last day, Bad. I put something in dishwasher and it flooded kitchen again,bad. I updated my Facebook and got comment with kisses from Roger, bad, then cause he got no repsonse he txt me, bad. (i didn't respond)

Bit what goes down, must come up huh?

Good stuff.
Got lots of lovely messages from concerned freinds about my leg. Got a hug from David who said i looked sad today, bless him. Had Simon (managing director)in , which would normally be bad thing but i get to keep David for another 2 days, this is good news, he is great chef and great person, shame to see him go back to his *normal* job.
Simon, (not my managing director, the other one) made me smile, a lot. I found a running backpack i like, have tried it on and wil either buy it for myself for birthday or tell Stephen to tell my big bro's to get vouchers for nevissports should they ask!
I've organised belated drinks for my Birthday for next friday. And i bought a present for someone, buying presents for people makes me happy.

Stephen has just made me cup of tea, then i'm having a vodka. Because i can.

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  1. Enjoy your vodka and rest the calf. I'm sure you will have fun for your birthday. All of the best people have birthdays next week !



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