Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spacehoppers & Yfronts

Why do we always wake up in middle of a good dream? The dream had nothing to do with Space hoppers, nor Yfronts i hasten to add!

Anyway, today was first run to work since, oh, years ago, or something. Well feels like it anyway! Had all my gear all laid out ready :o) Decided on medium length fairly easyish route of 6 miles and although calf a bit tight at first it seemed to loosen off a bit, will be keeping close eye on it and not running if get any pain. It was Baltic this morning, minus 6 apparently, weirdly more frosty than icy though so never felt like i was going to fall which is always good thing!

Was running in towards causeywayside (flasher area!) and i saw what i thought was a space hopper, i though, crikey, why would someone throw out a space hopper? :-O My plan was to jump on it ands space hop rest of way to work, but as i got closer i was gutted to find it was a calor gas cylinder, easy mistake to make....

<<< Spacehopper

Calor gas cylinder>>

Running through the meadows i got half and spotted a huge pair of y fronts attached to the railing! wtf? Now let me be clear, they weren't huge as in, oh my god, look at that fat fucker, they were HUGE as in an elephant sized yfronts! Be interesting to see if they are still there tomorrow, or if someone nicks them, you know, for their pet elephant or something...


  1. lol thanks for a fit of the giggles sandra :-) XX

  2. Classy neighbourhood you're running in there pet

  3. Please post the y-fronts back to me, I've been looking for them since my last visit to Edinburgh. Also explains why that spacehopper made nuts hurt so much.

  4. huh, trust you to air you dirty laundry in my blog! ;)



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