Thursday, 11 February 2010

*bites tongue*

OK, so i had the talk with Roger etc, he knows the score now. So why oh why does he feel the need to call me when he sees a Facebook status and find out what's it all about? ffs.Yes i could take him off before you jump in and say that but I'm too bloody nice, i thought we could stay pals, at least he knows i don't want back to him etc.....Whilst he was on phone he said *oh i was gong to call you today blah blah, and goes on to tell me about conversation he had with his tutor, in which he refferred to my as his wife! Now i know technically that's true but for fucks sake, when is he gong to get a grip?

You know at Christmas he sent me a card saying *to my wonderful wife!* I didn't even get him a bloody card. And valentines day is just around the corner, please god don't let hm send me anything.

As much i love Valentines day and love flowers etc etc he is last person i want to get anything from :(



  1. Rant all you want it's your blog. I'm not a nice person, if that was me I'd probably be locked up for bashing his head in to get my point through.

  2. Don't send him anything, eventually he should get the message. As for Valentines day, it's not about the cards or the flowers, it's the chocolates that matter :). I hope you spend it with someone special.

  3. Bugger, I ordered you a big thing of flowers and loads of chocs and champagne. I have just cancelled them as I didn't want you getting the wrong idea. Have a great weekend sis, wish I could wind it back to last week.

  4. you can keep the chocolates bro but please still send the champers and flowers, i can drink my woes away and i do love flowers :o)

    Wish i could wind back to last week again too, i wouldn't change a single moment of it.

  5. Sandra, restrict him on your facebook profile so he can only see limited things. I have done it with a few people on mine xxxxx

  6. thats a good one pig, but how do you do that?

  7. Ruth, go to *account* then privacy settings, you can block just one perosn, or seeveral from certain things. I DID do it with Roger then had a look at what he would be able to see (you can preview it) and i changed it back, he would realise right away. If i'm going to do it i need to do it properly and say look back off, although i HAVE done this



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