Saturday, 29 May 2010

Run for it

Feels like forever since Cateran trail but in reality it was only 2 weeks ago. Not really ran *that* much since then. only did 16 last week in total, but i guess it was recovery mode (although i recovered remarkably quickly!)and last weekend was written off with supporting, drinking and dancing!

This week I've done 32 so far, and I'm running up Pentlands later on, woop! And for some reason my average pace seems to have upped by about 30sec a mile or so? Not trying any harder, it's just happening. Weird.

Finished work yesterday and went to pub to meet my big Brother Alan, give him his pressie and have few drinks.Then home for quick change.

Last night was out With Catherine & Alex, i was *bridesmaid* at their wedding 2 yrs ago today in Gretna Green! Fabulous to see them as ever. Had lovely meal few glasses wine then headed off home. Got on bus and sat at front upstairs. Bunch of drunken boys got and and sat just behind stairs, well they all sat in separate seats, wouldn't want to look gay sitting next each other would they?

I digress, they were loud and lairy. Then i heard one f them say, oh you're not going to barf are you ffs? I turned round to see big fat bloke lean over top of stairs and puke his load .nice. Me and few others were open mouthed and disgusted, his pals were all screaming. I went downstairs and told driver, he had a look and stopped bus calling for support. Driver got bit grief for it as folk obviously wanted to go home but i stuck up for him, not his bloody fault some arse had puked on stairs, had someone slipped on t he'd be responsible. I tried to say this to one woman who was ranting but she me to fuck off and walked off bus!

Anyway, big fat bloke got off quickly followed by his pals, obviously knowing they'd be chucked off anyway. Back up team arrived n wee van shortly afterwards, cleaned up mess and we were on our merry way! Never a dull moment eh?

Today's plans as follows>
Run up & down hills
go to pub, eat chips and drink wine
Home, bath, party dress on> Birthday party for big bro (David this tme, not Alan)

I should go get lycra'd up then huh?

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  1. That's a good sign with your running, perhaps your best years still lie ahead :).



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