Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fling> The Aftermath

I was stiff for couple days but runnig again by Wednesday. Infact i ran wed/thu/fri, i recovered really quick i think :o)

None of this would've happened without a lot of people, most whom are named in the *once upon a time* blogs before the fling so i wont go over it again.

Phil, you're my closest male friend ever and i love you, thank you for everything.

Wont name anyone else, but all of you who've been there for me and went that extra mile (or 30) i hope you all know how much you mean to me. I do hope i tell you that all time, i think i do though. Heart on sleeve girl , you know me.

This week has been incredibly tough. Bit of comedown from the highs of weekend and on Monday i found out we'd lost contract at work. Very tense stressful week of meetings and worry about if we'll all still have jobs at end of this proccess, we're assured we will do but it's still a constant worry.

Luckily i've got you lot. And my wondeful Stephen.


  1. You achieved a loads, and it's something that will always live with you. Well done Santa, and great blogage too.

  2. Loved your blogs little lady. It's been a huge build up to this race and you kicked its ass so you'll have some post race blues and hope the work thing sorts itself out. XX

  3. You rock, you ran a stupid amoutn of miles in such a short time, you can do anything xx



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