Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No running...

well i did a bit actually, more on that later.

Gavin drove us down to *the pans* otherwise known as prestonpans with Susan and Paula following in car behind. There may have been a wrong turn here or there ;) wasn't my fault guv, honest! Phone starts ringing and it's Dave asking where the heck we were, by heck he's keenSo we arrive, quickly find Kev's car which he's conveniently parked nr road and even more conveniently gave us key to get into it (i gave key to Paula,she is a tad more responsible than me)and 10 mins later we have 2 cars unloaded. we have a lot of stuff. 2 + cases jaffa cakes, 2 cases lucozade, 2 cases jelly babies plus a whole basket full of bags, a washing basket, i kid you not. 1 case tangfastics, water galore, in all shapes and sizes , bananas, gels, first aid kits, flags, 200 red & yellow balloons , horns, whistles, tambourines, water pistols, suncream, drugs, blister plasters you name it...

We got batteries for ghettoblaster and once Paula figured out how to work it, we soon had music blaring (seriously!)
<<< lol

Carl soon arrived with tons more water, massive bottles, 2 flasks of boiling water, tea bags, coffee, you name it! bloody marvellous, support for the support! Next to arrive was Janey & min Janey and we soon all got stuck in.

It takes some organising but we got there! First job was to get signs up, we have 2 fetchpoint signs, so got them up first. Then it was the task of blowing up 200 balloons. Cue much talk of using tools or using your mouth being more advantageous and that kinda started off the day

Signs up, balloons taking shape along railings, starting to look good. Now for flags! After finding to our delight that they stretched right over street, Gav & Dave, being big boys that they are were soon scaling the traffic lights putting them up. Every minute was being filmed on CCTV, it kept moving every time Dave did, Dave is Policeman btw! lol
Once the flags were up i had ingenious idea of putting red and yellow balloons between each flag lol, why didn't i think of that before it went up? So down it came and balloons duly attached and up it went again. Cue an lorry coming through and knocking 2 off, cue a ridiculous idea for me to sit on Daves shoulders to re attach! lol, i was terrified i was going to fall, it was massive fail anyway as i was still too short haha. So i decided to wheel a wheelybin over and we reattached them that way, i didnt want to take whole thing down again in case more fell off!When i say we, i mean Dave did, we just held bin and rubbed his legs etc...

And that was that! we were ready to rock n roll, it was looking damn bloody good. 2 hours of hard work and everyone pitching in. Bacon rolls and tea all round and we were all happy campers. It was the calm before the storm.....


  1. Great photos, you put so much work in to the Fetchpoint and it showed. Best support thingy out of all of them

  2. What a team effort. :-)



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