Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Busy week

Had a look at last weeks training log and i ran every single day leading up to Saturday's race. I guess some people would say that's not great prep but it turned out i did 54 miles in total, which is just short of this weeks race so i reckon running on tired legs was actually good prep, see, my non plans actually work out OK in the end sometimes... ;)

But I'm being sensible this week and this morning was my last run to work. Weather has been glorious last few mornings if a bit chilly, still in my vest n shorts but wearing gloves too as hate hands being cold.

Got week from hell to be honest. This is last week of company i work for at present, and new company takes over on Monday. Now i had actually booked Monday off to rest and recover but I'll have to come in now. Well i don't *have* to but I'll certainly get brownie points from new bosses for it, well i better anyway! Thing is, on Friday I'll have to be here til closing instead of schlepping off at 2 like i usually do as I'll have to basically close all paperwork, cash etc etc and make sure everything ready for new lot on Monday. Not great at all, i wanted to get home have bath and just chill out til Phil arrived to pick me up.

Still, I've got bright spot on Thursday when George aka running legend is coming to stay over. I shall feed him lots of pizza and pasta and have already warned him there will be no running up and down pentlands or any such other crazy stuff. I'll be in bed early as up at 4.30 for long long day ahead next day :( Means i can pick his brains a bit about race, he is sweeper and as much as i love him i really don't want to be seeing him during race!!

I'm tapering , yes i am. Honest.

Oh, and i have lots of gossip, to gossip about with the girls (and Phil) ;)


  1. If you're busy this week it'll keep your mind of the race and rest up milemuncher. Can't wait for the goss :-) XX

  2. SOunds likea good non plan to me, take care little lady x

  3. I best give you a call then if you have some gossip cos I am also a big girl.

  4. Looking forward to getting the gossip. :-)
    Heh @ Joops. *Passes skirt*
    Enjoy a few days rest before we die on a mountain. ;-)



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