Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pitter patter

we awaited the pitter pattter of feet excitedly.
few false alarms when we saw what we thought was lead car coming through and we all got excited but it was good 10mins before we saw lead car. This was first time we could put our team effort into practise with clapping, shouting, whistle blowing, tambourine shaking, water gun soaking and pom pom waving!

It set the tone for the day. We did of course cheer most folk through, special cheers went to anyone who shouted at us, Carnegie & Harmeny runners and of course special fetch love for fetchies.

By time our first Fetchie was through were were super excited, and super noisy. The temperature was rising fast and people were already starting to look bit jaded. We had water on hand should anyone need it, and plenty of encouragement because everyone needs that. When Phil came through he picked me up and started running with me in his arms, lol. It was so good to see the joy on everynes face when they heard us and came through fetchpoint, truly.

by time the backpack were starting to trickle they were powering home on other side so it was jellybaby one side, shoutytime on other, multitasking we were.When ted came through the entire fetch crew sang Happy Birthday, he stopped and drank it all in much to amusement of everyone around us, i got picked up, whirled around and kissed and off he ran.

We had loads water, lucozade, Jellybabies you name it for folk coming back the way, who were all fading fast by then, we kept shouting LESS THAT 3 MILES TO GO! to everyone who usually if walking started running again. Not one fetchy came through walking, they were all so eager to get there, and all the blogs I've read have all said same thing! :)

Some people stopped for hugs, some carried on and shouted what they wanted, some were struggling and really needed us. Everyone was just happy we were there, what a great feeling

Operation chase me kicked into gear and i had already told folk that there was no need to stop, just keep moving forward, I'll run beside you, find out what you want, run back, get it and chase you with it! It worked a treat. I was confusing a lot of the supporters as i ran back and forth like a proper loon and literally raced back to runner to supply them with drinks/drugs/whatever they'd asked for!

Shouldve wore my garmin, sure i covered fair few miles at a good tempo pace. Actually all my runs this week have been fast, could this be my one and only time I've ever done speed training? ;) There is slight downhill towards fetchpoint and we sang "what's that coming over the hill, is it a fetchie? is it a fetchie?* every time we spotted one lol

We had a total blast, everyone was so so thankful for the support & loving the water guns! We were total non stop the entire day.I was literally croaking by end of day and could barely speak never mind sing. By 3.30pm we were getting bit worried about last few people still not in, and we started to dismantle fetchpoint sadly. Luckily just as we were ferrying stuff to and fro the last 3 came through (Dionne, Paul then Stef)D was bit emotional but they soldiered on after hugs, Stef was powerwalking his way with smile on his face.

Balloons all got popped,flags untied, signs taken down, bags and boxes packed up and it was like we'd never been there, had you not noticed the millions of dead jelly babies....

exhausted, we all dispersed after many hugs and thanks.

You know we were out there from 8.30 til 4pm, it's easier to run a Marathon, less exhausting, srsly!All of us were burnt, and burnt out,but not for long. We had an agenda. PARTYTIME!

HUGE amount of thanks to Gav, Paula,Susan, Dave, Carl, Lee,Janey, Rhona, Lynn & Kev, Podkin & Hubby, Clare, Alison, Daz, Iain & Tess & the triplets.

None of this would ever happen without all the help you all put in, i wish i could give you all a medal, I'll just hug you all again and get you all drunk again

It's what i do best.


  1. hooray!!!! it was fab. hard work but always satisfying. emotionally exhausting worrying about them all tho :-(


  2. And a huge thanks from me to all of you too. I was really struggling on the way back but seeing fetchpoint and getting there gave me an almighty buzz which lasted right through to the finish. Great work from all of you. Thank you

  3. Well done super supportive dutes!

  4. I can't tell you how much it helped knowing that Fetchpoint was coming soon and the ibuprofen that my dealer gave me were a total godsend. You all rocked. THANKS. :-D



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