Saturday, 29 May 2010


We used to always have social after Edinburgh Mara but usually in pub or restaurant, i aways fund that never got t speak to everyone as they were ether stuck bang in middle of table r right at other end.

Solution? Book our own private venue :o) I dd this last yr and it was very successful. We have our own room with disco & buffet and it's all about us. Worked out even better this year as EVERYONE had funny tan lines but no one cared cause everyone was in same boat.

Lots of dancing lots of drinking and lots fun was had by all. I think the bar staff are amazed at the amount of people who get up to do the gay Gordon's :)

Great way to end a great weekend, oh topped off with kwababa at end of night, obviously!

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  1. Gay Gordon...has flashbacks of lessons in school dancing w/ Graeme Dalglish



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