Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cateran Weekend -Part1

I guess it's Cateran weekend number 2 seeing i was also up there last weekend! This was the biggie though, now although I've done 55miler before (GEDM) it was flatter than a flat thing. Doing the recce last weekend left me more than a bit scared rather than putting my mind at rest. But this was Karen's race and i was going to be there with bells on and a smile on my face, this was her baby and i knew she'd do it proud.

I did take it easy though and did my last run on Tuesday, sensible Sandra strikes again, yes i know its rare and it didn't last long don't worry.

Thursday night George was in Edinburgh working and there was no point in him going all way back to Stonehaven he so stayed over and headed up to Karens in the morning .I fed him lots of pizza & pasta and he made me drink lots, yes made me! Dont normally drink on schoolnights specially when it was going to be such busy one next day! Was in bed by 9.30 as up again @ 4.30am. Had great night though and it was pleasure having him stay over, even though he broke blinds in spare room lol

Friday was an extremely stressful long day. Last day of working for old company & i had people in and out all day from new company all wanting a piece of me too,if phone wasn't going constantly it was reception telling me that yet yet another person was here to see me. All this on top of still being open and having to close paperwork down completely and strip PC of any programmes etc etc all led to me really really needing glass if wine by time i left there.

Got home, packed and waited on Phil so it gave me to time to chill out a bit. Phil arrived and we set off pretty much right away. Before too long we arrived at Glenshee and i got that longed for glass of wine bbefore we'd even finished checking in. That lay down the theme for the evening, good friends, laughs and much much wine was drunk along with some Vodka before staggering off to bed. Where we weren't even sensible there either (get your minds out gutter!) Phil & I laughed and joked and chatted until the wee small hrs and taking silly pics(luckily Anna his girlfriend is not jealous type!) before falling asleep exhausted/drunk whatever lol And 5 mins later the alarm went off for breakfast.....


  1. Nae sleep and alcohol the night before and she still runs an amazing race. ;-) LoL @ George breaking the blinds.

  2. i would if i actually had 5 mins spare to sit down :(

  3. Definately a hazy alcohol glow to the bedroom pic :-)

  4. lol @ 5 mins later the alarm went off.



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