Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cateran Ultra Afters

There were no tears this time, just sheer smiley happiness. Karen did us and Dario proud with that race, just amazing. Many thanks to all the Marshall's who all did sterling job too, these things don't happen by themselves and we wouldn't be running these fab races without these wonderful people.

Before too long i had glass of wine in hand and enjoyed it with 2 of fave girls ever who'd worked so damn hard to make this all happen.

I loved cheering folk in, it was great seeing them running down that hill and everyone giving them a great finish,here i am with Karin McK, who's support crew (and dog) have kinda adopted me in last few races we've met at now! every single person finsihed with a massive smile on thier face, well nearly everyone.
Poor Soph was injured and came down grumping with thumbs down but we soon cheered her up>> Luckily our room was at front and i had just finished getting bathed and dressed when i saw her
grumping down hill ;)

The Quaichs we got are beautiful, i often moan about not getting a medal but i wont if i get stuff like that! well done Karen. Finally i made to top of female vets, i've got 2 x 2nd,
3rd and now a 1st respectively
rest of night was spent table hopping, drinking and generally having a great laugh>>>>
Then late on, after lots of wine, lots of it. the owner came over and asked if we'd all like a drink. Me, being me. I said, yes please, I'll have champagne (well it is what i drink!)and he only went and got me it! lol Phil looked after me as per usual, he is my official carer he said ;)
Thanks for this race Karen, i'm proud to call you my friend
WHW support up next for said carer above, then Clyde Stride. See you all there? Go on....


  1. :-) You did fantastic as i knew you would you ultra runner you.XX

  2. Phil the Carer. Suits him! lol.

  3. I had to google "quaich" but then again I'm a stupid engulander. Good job on getting the bubbly

  4. You'd of grumped in as well if your knee had hurt as much as mine coming down that darn hill. :-p



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