Saturday, 5 June 2010

Been a while

Few folk have asked why I've not blogged in last few days so I'd best get onto it!

Been really busy at work and too tired by time got home that's my excuse. Last weekend was manic. Jules picked me up and we headed off up Pentlands, had mixed bag of runners so we kept it fairly short at around 7miles so as not scare any new folk off, we didn't so it's all good

Got back to pub and chips and wine were ordered and we tucked into the goodies that everyone who'd been at the special cake park run had brought.Then Lucy appeared and handed me a card and a bottle of champagne! i was utterly astounded and very touched. It was a thank you from them all for organising fetchpoint and the party. That's how lovely my friends are :o) wasn't all done to me though, as my blog about it all says.

Home, jump in bath into party dress and ready to meet Jemima as planned but Stephen s running late and faffing with his hair! Kelly meets us on bus and we head to meet Jemima. Quick stop off at Alan & Marie's en route to Davids s manage to squeeze 2 big brother's in one night.

Party is just mental, packed to rafters literally couldn't even get into kitchen! we decamped to bedroom where it was cooler and less smoky! Jemima secured some ice and we got stuck into the vodka. Got txt from Phil to say he'd pulled ut of Heart Scotland race and he asked if i was out. Yes, I'm at party, come join us. i said

So he did, after trip back from Dunkeld, then to my house to drop off car then back into town again anyway... lol Party was actuallybrilliant fun ,David (big bro) had a full size pub karaoke machine rigged up in his flat with full size speakers, i pity his neighbours that night! I wasnt really looking forward to it as some of his pals arent exactly people i'd choose to spend time with. I did get chatted up by handsome young thing though but Phil took me away before i got arrested he said! :-o
He's got a cheek really seeing Anna is only about 14 ;)
Apparently i was singing with Phil but have no recollection of it. We got home around 2ish more than a little bit drunk.

Up in morning, bath, another dress on and ready to meet girls for lunch. Lets just say i got home at 9pm after lots of champagne and some food.

Phil says Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing on me.. ;)

Monday i was wiped out understandably hahaha. Work busy, early to bed.
Oh i spent my Member of Month vouchers(online), got quite a haul for £100 >>
2X pair lock laces
pair shorts
2X sports bras
3x pairs socks
:o) good shopping or what?

Ran to and from work rest of week though, clocked up 40 speedy (for me)miles, I'm really flying at mo for some reason, av pace is somewhere between 8.30-8.45 mm, no idea where it's coming from. Or maybe i do, champagne training is clearly the way forward, I've been saying it for years....

I've not mentioned the dating thing for while have i? Been too busy to even contemplate having room for a man in my life at mo but it would be nice, got someone who i'm planning on meeting soon,if i have time to fit him in anyway! I actually cant remember last time i had weekend of doing nothing. Off to meet Jemima for lunch today, we're armed and ready with champagne, these BYOB places are lethal for us...

Meant to be heading to Karen Millen to try on dresses after, neither of us are big on shopping it's the only way we can stomach it.oh and it's reallyclose to lots of really nice bars... ;)


  1. Just checked out the KM website there's some gorgeous stuff

  2. LoL @ Anna being only 14. You are sooooooo busy...



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