Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Fling > Part 5

Got over line in tears, cried more when they gave me medal, more when i saw Shanksi & Danielle and more when i saw James (binks)

Total mess. I really actually believed I'd do 12hours or so, i wasn't harbouring some secret desire to get nr 11hrs, and if i hadn't taken so many pics i'd have gone sub11! lol I don't care, the pics tell a very important story and I'm so so glad i took them.
So with all the wonderful txt i was getting my phone had died in last hr or so and i wanted to call Stephen to let him know my time. Charger was in my case, which was in village hall. Once again the wonderful Marshalls stepped up to the mark and once he'd put a very chilled beer in my hand headed off to get my bags. Amazing service or what? i guess he thought i'd get lost in a sea of tears ;)

He came back and i headed into cottage to plug phone in sat on floor and cried again when i spoke to Stephen.He was saying to me *but you said you'd be in around 6ish* i said well i thought i would be! He asked where i ws and i told him, only to get a tap on the shoulder , turn around come face to face with Stephen! he's only gone and got bus, and 2 trains to come up and surprise me! I sobbed like a baby on his shoulder, you've no idea what that meant to me. He'd only gone and missed me coming in though cause I'd said I'd be around 12hrs, he'd been at finish for wee while then went off to get a drink! lol bless him, i have the most wonderful son in the world, how thoughtful was that?

He ended up missing his train back too as he wanted to see Simon finish as George had said he was close by. But it meant he also got to see Phil finish too and tell him the sunderland score lol! Was great watching everyone come in, everyone was so happy and PB's were all around us. We always wind Soph up about carrying a flare with her whenever we're out running and we said to her she should let it off as she crossed line, and she did, lol, mentalist, love that girl.She nearly choked poor Graeme to death though as he was right behind her haha
Luckily Andy & his pal came to rescue and dropped Stephen off in Stirling and he got train from there after buying new ticket. He eventually got home at midnight.

After seeing lots of folk in a started to get shakes, i realised I'd been there for over 3hrs and really needed to get a shower and get warm so headed off to hotel missing Jen come in :(

I sat in shower for 15mins (no bloody bath!) and didn't want to move, but a party dress and heels awaited me.Dress on, heels on, hair dried with real hairdryer (you'll need ot read back to feb training weekend for ref) and i was ready to party.

And party we did. People were astounded i was in heels and dancing. Wouldn't be me without dress & heels though. Dancing went on til 1.30ish and Jules walked me back to hotel. Funnily enough i slept like a baby and woke up refreshed at 7.30ish, watched match of day then London Marathon.

Weekend over. Another blog to follow... :p


  1. I'm so glad you stopped for all those photos

  2. i am too Lesley , really glad

  3. I agree - the photos are great. Lovely blog, Sandra, and well done again on a great run.

  4. He's a good son that one :o) Well done Sandra. :o)



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