Friday, 7 May 2010

Where does it all end?

Do we keep running on and on forever, do we keep pushing ourselves to achieve more mental stuff?

The fetch newsletter made me think today, interesting stats i thought, sometimes we can take things for granted, we make what we do seem normal.

It's not you know.

I think even reading back my few blogs before the fling brings that to the core.I've got a 23miles race tomorrow across tough terrain. Here i am chilled as a chilled thing, unless i inadvertently switch over to fetch and see a picture of Thatcher *spit* in gallery of course! Simon called last night to wind me up about election, he knows how to friggin push my buttons so he does! Still we showed him (haha yes i know you're reading this)where it's at and kicked fuck out of tories and showed them where they belong, we stopped short of stabbing them in face though (cliquey thing)

ok, this was a running blog yeah?

so.. ever since fling something weird is going on. My morning runs are averaging out 30secs a mile faster in not trying harder, i couldn't. it's 5am in the morning, the conversation got boring..

sorry, i was quoting a Lilly Allen song there, my mind wanders when I'm drinking wine... .

Anyway, I'm not complaining, not at all. Certain threads on fetch got me thinking about all that stuff that's all, someone was asking if they lost weight would they get faster, if they did intervals, pyramids, and whatnot.

I've done none of the above except lose weight bu that's came with the territory so to speak, IE- i needed to run more, i burnt more calories. seeemples. Id be 6 stone if i didn't drink, seriously

anyway, race tomorrow, wish me luck.


  1. If you've got it flaunt it :-)

  2. Santababy, good to meet you today - hope you enjoyed it. The hill was a bit of a sting in the tale! Ian

  3. lovey to meet you too Ian.race was awesome, tough for last 6 miles though but good prep for next week i guess. Will blog later about it, took lots of pics too, i've put them on facebook and will add sone to blog . Oh was 3rd female! and 2nd vet!

  4. No, what you do isn't normal. You're a nutter. Well done today, though.

  5. pmsl @ 'I'd be 6 stone if I didn't drink' - probably true. Cow ;-) I agree with the weight thing and thus I am going to endeavour to lose a shed load of it.

  6. lol it's true though Susan. But i enjoy my bubbly and have no plans to give it up



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