Monday, 24 May 2010

No running

since Friday morning! And my feet have barely touched the ground.

Paula arrived from London@ 9pm armed with copious amounts of champagne, naughty girl.Not that i was prepared or anything but funnily enough there were 2 champagne flutes sitting on coffee table awaiting her arrival ;)
3 bottles later we admitted defeat and went to bed. Up fairly early in morning. Breakfast in garden in glorious sunshine then we got ready and headed off to Ryan's bar to meet up with everyone who was dropping off supplies for Edinburgh fetchpoint. I had irn bru, and wine, not mixed together though and Paula stuck to coke still suffering bit from previous nights efforts.

Before too long we were joined by a plethora of Fetchies,some were flying visits, throwing jelly babies and suchlike at us.Some stayed and sat in sun, drank and talked marathons and whatnot. Dave arrived bouncing like a bouncy thing and enquired where he could get waterguns, i sent him off to Poundstretcher and he came back a very happy bunny, clutching 2 amazing waterguns. Which of course being a boy he filled and started soaking us all!

We had tons of stuff to carry to Kevs car and there was a procession of us like little ants. Many thanks to Kev & Lynn for being so accommodating and storing all stuff/leaving car in handy place etc. Paula decided we needed more water guns so off we went to poundies to get a couple and nearly got caught up in a fracas with some chav customers swearing and shouting at manager cause he asked them to leave! It was like an episode of Rab C nesbit lol

Then it was off to Tigerlilly to meet Jane and have glass bubbly, quick bite to eat and dash home as Susan was due at house @5pm. Boiling hot bus seemed to take forever and typically this was first time Susan DIDN'T get lost on way to my house. She just went straight through to back garden and sat in sunshine though, my neighbours probably thought was an escapeee from local Alzheimer's hospital just sitting randomly in my garden...

Another quickk change as i was melterin in black dress and we grabbed some wine and headed off down to Kelly's for her Birthday BBQ. Much fun & laughter was had, cocktails and wine were drunk, oh and tea!The hours flew by quickly, before we knew it phil txt to say he'd arrived and was outside house. I'd like to say we quick footed it up road but it was more of a meander really ;)

Phil had requested a cold beer as soon as he arrived so i went straight to fridge and gave him bottle from my cateran goody bag, he then drank my prize from Cateran whilst us girls had bubbly and wine and talked into the small hrs. Phil & Anna had left their decision to run until Saturday night! Up early in morning to get organised in time for Gav arriving at 8am. Pointed Phil & Anna in direction of bus stop and loaded Gav's car up with fetchpoint goodies and off we went ...


  1. :-) twas a great weekend.
    can't wait for next instalment. :-)

    PS have read the other entries we were talking about. LOL!



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