Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Trail Blazing

Funny old weekend. Was exhausted on friday, week of stress and i guess tired ness from Fling finally caught up with me and i was in bed by 8pm! Woke up at 7am so 11 full hrs sleep, must've needed it huh. Spent day cleaning house upstairs and down and kinda preparing spare room for decorating, well i've taken race stuff and Marathon poster off wall anyway lol

Chinese and few drinks Saturday then up early again Sunday. Lynn & Kevin offered to come and pick me up so we could go support the Edinburgh 10k but i told them to come and dump car and we'd run in instead ;) So that's what we did. Pleasant afternoon spent supporting race, waved my pom poms and shouted to everyone to wave to us for cheers, was bit hoarse by time race finished. Few drinks in pub then back home for the fab lasagne i'd cooked the day before.

Work is still bit stressy and although we've all been assured jobs safe etc i'm planning on a back up plan. Met Roger yesterday and we went through my CV, he is currently working on updating for me, had really nice afternoon with him actually. He's been very supportive, i knew he would be though.

Plans are afoot for this weekend to go do cateran 23miles trail race. Now normally i'd err on side of caution and not do long race week before a mental race ie- Cateran trail 55 miler (Karens race) but i've never been on route before so i think it will be good confidence booster, give me general idea at least. Phil was umming and awwing about joining me but had stuff going on down there. Should be fun, i'll take camera!

oh dating update> had another younster begging me to meet him, flippin sexy gorgeous but 21! 21 ffs. no chance. surely people have been locked up for less.
Had few other's interested, i'm being rude to folk now, in a nice way. lol


  1. You're beginning to get me worried about these dating websites ;).

  2. Yes please to pics. It's starting to get browner here as it gets warmer and I need green to keep me going. Back up plans these days are very savvy.

  3. Oh, enjoy Cateran this weekend. LoL @ all the toy boys after you. :-)



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