Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Small worlds collide

Stephen called me earlier and said "Mum, that green car parked outside, there is bloke wearing Fling tshirt driving it!" (he had just left house, Stephen, not the green car blokey)

I looked outside and lo & behold, there was indeed. So i sat and patiently waited on him coming back (his son lives across road, seen him picking up for footy before) Green car appears and i bound across road and tap on window hahaha.

Yes he did indeed run the Highland fling (12.30hrs, oh dear, i beat him :p) and after chit chat about other Ultras, marathons etc he said "oh i'm Ross btw" and we shook hands, i told him my name and suddenly lightbulbs went off. His wife Jen works beside me! lol I had actually printed off a step by step guide (which Jenj had very helpfully wrote last yr) and gave it to Jen, (confused yet?) to give it to him! lol He said he took it with him and referred to it all time as he hadn't been on route before.

Such a small world eh? .Think i've persuaded him to do Clyde Stride lol! Jen will kill me (not Jenj, she'll pat me on back)

Quite excited about weekend of strange runnings to lead to more strange runnings. Things are looking pretty rosy at mo.


  1. Jen might kill ye, but I'll not ;-) The more the merrier I say, although at 67 entrants so far it's getting quite merry.
    But you carry on promoting the Clyde Stride til your hearts content :)

    Mrs Mac x

  2. Lovely have a great weekend Sandra xxx

    Also I have a front room and a staircase to paint, when are you free? xxx



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