Wednesday, 6 October 2010


this is a bit dull and boring.

i've been neglecting my poor wee blog.

Gym is going well and i dont feel like i've been run over by a truck next day now, i think that's an improvement. Friday i ran to work, had fairly busy day, ran to gym, did my usual routine then went out straight from gym for "few" drinks.Needless to say it was more than a few. lol, no off switch me.

Decided to have a rest day on Saturday and after getting up and entering WHW race (woohooo!) i spent rest of day cleaning house and chilling out. Had

quiet night in with Stephen eating chinese & watching Xfactor. Sunday i went to see my shiny new nephew who was 6 days old by then.I ran over there & Stephen met me there. He is adorable! The baby that is,not Stephen.although he is adorable in his own 18yr old way i guess!

Even better to hold and hand back though :o)

I bought him his first pair of trainers too, i'll get him running when he takes his first steps :P

Had fairly nice week this week it has to be said. Work has been pleasant & i've been running, gyming and spending it with people who make me happy indeed.

Got few plans in my head for training runs & races going forward. looking forward to weekend as Jules is coming down to run in Pentlands with me, he is just back yet another bloody holiday so he'll be all golden and i'll be all pale & interesting next to him, think few other folk probably join us too.

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