Sunday, 24 October 2010

Had chat with Mary Queen of Scots...

on Wednesday.

Yes i was drinking ;) I was invited to Stirling Castle to see recent renovations it was through work and i was kinda dreading it but it was fab. They had a piper piping us into castle and fire eaters & jugglers in courtyard. We were greeted with champagne (or wine , beer etc) no prizes for guessing what i had! And there were lots of folk all dressed up in character.Hence the Mary Queen of Scots title. She stayed in character whole time we were talking to her, Robert the Bruce popped over for chat too,lol was great fun. They are going to have them as guides when castle reopens, think kids ( & adults) will love it.The castle is stunning, cant believe I've never been,have vowed to go back and see it properly. Great night.

Thursday i met Martyn for drinks, not seen him for far too long and it was great to catch up. It's never *just one drink* with Martyn though,he really is terrible influence on me.

Busy day@ work on Friday and with Susan arriving it meant i missed gym, also missed it on wed because of castle visit, bad Sandra. Need to make sure i try little bit harder this week. It's not all bad though as I've ran a fair bit.

Susan arrived on Friday afternoon and i was in full throes of making 2 pots Soup to feed to hungry runners the next day. We drank wine and chatted til too late as usual then headed off for well earned sleep.Up around 8ish Saturday morning ready to hit Pentlands. Ian arrived about 9 and we headed off shortly after to meet the rest at flotterstone. Richy arrived not long after us quickly followed by Lucy. Weather was bit Baltic and wet, it had been torrential overnight and for once i actually wore a jacket!As we set off we were joined by Kenny from my club, dressed in shorts & tshirt i might add, he totally put us to shame!

Kenny had limited time as he had to get back home so he skipped off on 2nd hill and said his farewells. Although it was super windy at the top of the hills it was actually really clear and we could not only see for miles we could actually follow the correct route we'd planned this time! Richie was giving us lowdown on pentland skyline race and pointing out route, might just be tempted next yr!

Sun came out as we headed towards Wester bavelaw and rest of run was in glorious sunshine. Because of all the rain we had trails that were completely covered and it was like river running, me & Susan splashed on happily through them.Run was great and passed way too quickly i felt fab and couldve easily gone round again. Didn't though as we had 2 pots soup waiting so we all bailed back to mine to dig in. Everyone had showers and we drank lots tea & coffee to wash the soup down. Although i gave everyone choice (yellow split pea or carrot & coriander) everyone went for latter. Was bit worried i'd made it too spicy as the chilli's i used were tiny & lethal, but everyone said it was great.

Today, we had our 2nd running of the Fetch Edinburgh 10k, basically the idea was borne after few people balked at cost of Great Edinburgh Run so we decided to organise our own, exact same route,numbers, timekeepers, Marshall's the lot! Special thanks to Alistair for top job organising it all again. Was fabulous day out and i got a PB!! Then we all traipsed off to bar for refuelling purposes, was brilliant to catch up with everyone.Great weekend all round, goes waaay too quickly though....


  1. I really keep meaning to get to Stirling, David's cousin has lived there forever....someday maybe w/ the Pentlands thrown in for good measure

  2. Good idea, I am also going back to basics with the Fling and carrying my own supplies.



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