Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Women are from venus


Men from Mars? perhaps. Is there life on Mars? Been watching some on the men at gym. My programme is very bishbashbosh. 30mins of supersets. I get it done and get out of there.

I'm usually only girl in weights section so i get *looked at* specially cause i don't stomp around in between doing sets of weights. Why do blokes do that? One guy was really annoying me today. Kept giving me the eye every time he went past. He'd walk around the weight machines like caged animal then come back to his weights and do more. Freak.

He's not only one though. I'll bet most guys go home from gym and say *hey look at me, I've spent 2 hours in gym* but have actually done fuck all

I'm a meltering wreck by time i leave there, these guys are barely breaking sweat. Muppets

oh and i run to gym, then run home.

Talking of which, did my morningside route again this morning, i bloody love that route. Long climb up to Fairmilehead then big downhill to morningside followed by long climb out of there. Last 2 morning I've been racing the buses. Yesterday i raced the 15 from Bruntsfield right to Princes and won! wooop!

Got beat by number 16 this morning though, i only made it to Usher hall. No 15 in sight though which was weird as it was same time as day before. Still, i had my fastest morning run in long long time. Maybe it's thought of Coach IanB looking over my shoulder telling me to run faster, or maybe my big fat lazy day on Sunday did me world of good. Whatever it is, it's all good.


  1. LoL, have you not seen the 'I am so pretty girl' at the gym yet who does about five sit-ups and then sits up flicking her hair and looking around to see who is watching her? It's lucky you don't go and use the saunas or your mind would explode!! ;-) I love watching the Polish blokes who come to the gym in groups and spend most of the time talking to each other inbetween trying to do heavy reps. Also, the skinny young lads who go with their muscly mates and try their hardest to lift the biggest weight possible and nearly burst a blood vessel, I can only imagine how they feel the next day..... Hehe

  2. Actual laugh out loud at you racing the no 15 and winning. You fucking nutter X

  3. I refer to that section of the gym as the monkey pit. I like the blokes who stand about watching their pathetic bloke friends pop a vain.



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