Thursday, 30 September 2010

Going Clubbing

Something i hardly ever do, haven't for long time actually.

But it's time to up the ante and make more of an effort. My club does a *pub* run every so often, starts & finishes at pub. My kind run. Normally it's at other sde of town ie- Balerno end, cause thats where club is based. It's 2 bus rides away from me though hence i dont often make it along. Yes i know it's daft to join a club on other side of town but they run in the pentlands a lot (hence the name(Harmeny pentland runners!) and it's full of lots of lovely people.

Anyway.. last nights run was starting just up road from me, bonza! So off i go armed with hi viz and head torch as ordered. Gav was first to arrive, quickly followed by Ian then everyone else. Iain, our supremo guide warned us it would be, muddy, boggy, wet & dark! It was :o)

Great run, loved it. Up into lower end of Pentlands quick skirt round bottom and back to pub. Brilliant.I ran mainly with Alistair as he wanted to chat me abut a very excting project he has coming up. This was only 2nd time ever i've ran with headtorch, frst time was suporting Jen on WHW race last yr, i need to find a way of making it bit more comfortable as i was fiddling around with it fair bit. Back to pub for few drinks then Alistair took me home and i caught 2nd half of game.
The club are big on thier headtorch runs so i'm really looking forward to getting up there and having bit of fun in the hills in the darkness! :)

WHW entries open tomorrow! woohooooo


  1. Sounds like fun!
    Good luck with the WHW entry. When does the ballot take place?

  2. Sounds like my kind of run. :-)
    Wonders what time you entered the WHW race this morning? ;-)



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