Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bit Naughty

I mentioned broken camera in last blog.Anyone who is daft enough to be a regular reader here will recall i lost my Camera in pub after WHW race. Yes that's twice cameras and alcohol have been involved to my detriment.

There's a third time but I'll get to that in in a minute.

When i bought said camera i also bought accidental damage insurance, people who know me know i can be a bit of dizzy blond and i thought this would be good purchase. I was right. Except it didn't cover loss due to drunkenness. Hmm, should've looked at policy closer.

So i bought another one. From the wonder *edite edit* I bought the exact same model and colour cause
1. i like red, it's my favourite colour
2. The camera takes great pics
3. i still had extra battery, charger, software all set up on PC etc so seemed silly to buy different one.

Most people would put number 2 above number one is guess but hey, I'm a girl and i like red.

So all's good. Til Susan broke it but then i remembered i have inurance *edit edit edit* lol

*more edits*

Sorry about the edits, my legal team have advised me i might get carted off and thrown in the tower. I told said legal team it would be ok cause i'm just like rapunzal and i'd throw down my hair when my prince came to save me.

Going back to the Third incident.

I agreed to take part in a "naked" Calender. All in name of charity i may add. Roger booked a studio and took the pics and i drank a lot of bubbly. He said the pics are great, as have other folk I've shown them to. But I'm ever so critical and I'm dreading it popping through my letter box soon! aaaargh

In other news, Stephen stil hobbling round on his crutches with his non broken leg. I've ran and gymed like a good girl and work has even been ok this week

S'all good in Sandraland at present.

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  1. Sending you a text!! And you call me a muppet!!! :-p You might want to amend this entry hen!
    LoL @ the naked calendar. Will you be doing Oprah interviews soon? ;-)



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