Thursday, 28 October 2010


aaaargh, go home!

Yes i know it brings much needed money to the economy but please stay away from my bus! Someone got on today, asked driver for day ticket *then* asked how much it was.She then said to driver " can i use it tomorrow?" errmmm NO does the word day ticket not give it away?She took her ticket and just stood there waiting on her pal behind me, i asked her to move then she stood at bottom of stairs! jeez. *deep breaths*

running home from gym yesterday, get to edge of meadows and pedestrian crossing. Press button, lights change to amber. Car decides to drive through anyway, even though the traffic was backed right up and all he did was obstruct the fuckin crossing! what an utter twat. I shouted wanker to him as i squeezed between the cars when green man came on.

Talking of gym, i arrived bit later than normal and went off to collect my weights. kettle bell and bits and pieces i need but some bloke was on equipment thing i needed. Except he was one of those *wandering* blokes. He'd do a set of about 5 and wander off! i stood next to it eith my arms folded with all my weights at my feet glaring at him. He then fucked off to another piece of equipment leaving his stuff still attached (you're meant to return everything) i walked over and tapped him on shoulder and asked if he was finished with it or not.jeez, give me strength!

Anyway,I'd started my routine my then by switching it around but it still kept me a bit behind.So i ploughed through it without my allocated rest breaks. Then i ran home.bit faster than normal.

Got up to run this morning, and i got less than 3 mins from house & had to turn back. Something in my ankle isnt quite right. Couple days rest are in order methinks.

crikey this is a ranty blog! Sorry. Had stressful couple days but i'm in calm happy place now, albeit with a sore ankle.It's Friday tomorrow that itself deserves a smile! It's Stephen's birthday on Monday, i'm organising suprise pressie which i wont blog about cause i think he might read this when i leave myself logged in.

oh no new phone just yet. Going shopping Saturday....


  1. Sandra, you need to learn to run across the bonnet of the car. A bit of training then, when the snow comes, strap on the Richie Cunningham patented "tacks through the sole" shoes and then make a mess of the paintwork.

  2. LoL @ Stephen reading it when you leave it logged in. :-) And heh @ standing with your arms folded next to the machine stealer in the gym and shouting wanker at muppet drivers. Lovely ranty Sants blog. :-D

  3. The tourists and winter visitors have sterted to arrive here. Lots of old people in big boat like cars. Everytime you see a an indicator for a left turn it's about 80 % likey to be a right hand one. At least they can't get on my hills ;-)



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