Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Reclaiming the streets

My gym days are essentially Mon-Wed-Fri but being someone who loves to mess with up a so called training plan/schedule, just because it says i "should" do it I'm ever so eager & willing to do so.

Having the option of going out on Friday kinda won over the gym. So that's what i did, cause i can.And I'm ever so glad i did too. I decided seeing I'd no plans for weekend I'd run to gym on Saturday instead. So i did, cause i could.

I decided I'd take my favourite route which is the fairmilehead/Morningside one as it's longer route into town. What i forgot is that I'm used to running at 5am, I'm used to having those streets to myself, even the roads are extremely quiet. Leaving the house @1pm was not conducive to a very peaceful/quiet/stress free run in slightest. Morningside being the vibrant little village within a town that it is was a fuckin nightmare.I actually wanted to shove old grannies/families with buggies/loved up couples/people enjoying drinks in sunshine outside all the cafe bars/random people in my way and ANYONE who came near me or got in my way in front of nearest number 15

But i didn't, i gritted my teeth and jumped off and on road playing chicken with the buses and all the people in cars heading to waitrose/M&S /whatever...

I was so relieved to finally to get Bruntsfield links and down into the meadows.
The rage meant for pretty good workout though and i vowed not to run home that way. I instead ran through meadows which is looking just spectacularly autumnal at the mo and i skipped through the piles of leaves with big smile on my face. Getting strange looks from the many other's enjoying the meadows i may add.

I'm still in my vest and shorts at mo, even in the dark @ 5am, another reason for getting looks from people.Yes i ran up the Mound in Edinburgh battling against wind and rain and people brollies, getting astounded looks from said brolly holders.
I will not be beaten down in October to wearing long sleeves just yet!

Got busy few weeks ahead, why do people wait til 2 weeks of yr and cram in every invite they can throw at me? i doubt I'll make half of them due to lack of funds. But so far I've got :- catch up drinks with pals, Reception,Race and drinks after, Hen night, Fashion Show, Birthday Party & Wedding all between now & early November ffs.

Think I'll need to start selling body parts if this carries on. Or go stick my head in sand and ignore everyone, which is the likeliest choice i think. It's no wonder I'm single huh.

rant alert....

Really fucked off with Wayne Rooney for fucks sake.

that's all.


  1. I'm dying to wear long sleeves. The thought of you shoving all those people is bringing an evil smile to my face right now :-)

  2. Sheeple are difficult and standing traffic fumes the worst.
    Early morning is much better in the city for air quality.
    I can taste the solid fuel fumes running around this small market in the evenings.
    Still while we have been distracted by reportage of sports stars Warren Buffet just made $1.5 billion for bailing out Goldman Sacks. Who saved the entire system they are part of us sheeple and what do we get - austerity ;-)



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