Sunday, 31 October 2010

Resting & running in heels

one kind of counteracts the other I've found!

So rested Friday to ease ankle and didn't go to gym either as my routine involves lots of squats, which think is where i picked it up in first place. Was out on Friday for drinks then onto pics to see the Social network (good film) I thought i was going to miss bus though and stupidly ran (in my heels) all way to bus stop,only for bus to be 10mins late. Made ankle not very happy at all, neither did walking to other side of town to cinema lol

Alcohol helped ease the pain though...

Saturday was meant to be "up early and go shopping" day. Kinda turned into a *oops,slept til 11am" day instead. Still, the shopping happened & i came away with a shiny new Blackberry Torch, i love it a lot already. After many yrs with O2 I've dumped them due to very poor, or complete lack off that should be! service in the shop. Off i went to car phone warehouse where i signed up to vodaphone instead. Shame really as I've always had great service previously with O2. Their loss, i told them this on phone when getting my code to transfer number.

Quick lunch before heading off to get Stephen's birthday card and few bits & pieces for him. (are you reading this Stephen?) Anyway, not telling what i got :p
Feet were truly aching by time i got home so i kicked off my knee high boots and put my feet up to watch soccer Saturday. Ankle was bit niggly.

Woke up early this morning, got up, cleaned house and after several trips up & down the stairs, including hoovering them i realised ankle felt ok. Time for tester run. Did 7 gloriously sunny miles on my usual loop up to fairmilehead & back .no ankle issues at all! woohoooo
Then i nipped to shops to pick up some groceries and back to watch Newcastle Sunderland game. Very productive day!



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  1. Please be very careful of that ankle. Give it a rest then gradually build your miles again.



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