Sunday, 10 October 2010

Misty delights of the Pentlands

Susan decided to join me & Jules for our run in Pentlands so said she'd come up night before which made jolly good sense and good excuse for girls night. Ian B also txt to say he'd join us too, but neither him nt Jules were invited to girls night.. lol
We usually take easy option and get Chinese but seeing as we're both got our *training* heads on and are both *trying* to eat healthily i decided to cook.

Cod wrapped in parma ham with red pesto stuffing, baby herb potatoes and nice healthy veg for those interested!I did kinda cheat though and bought everything from M&S, gotta love that place! So a very pleasant evening was had where we put the world to rights about lots of stuff, well tried to anyway. I doubt it gets us anywhere but it's good to get stuff off your chest for sure.

We of course drank lots of wine and went to bed too late. Oh and we thought it be good idea to take few pics. culminating in camera getting dropped and lens getting broken. damnation's, that's 3rd time the same thing has happened and i know it means i should get different camera next time but it takes bloody good pics, is light,compact and its red! i love it :( Cant afford new one either.

Up at around 8ish next morning and Susan was already up and had done dishes bless her. Jules surprised us by arriving at 9, i so thought he'd be late. He does love his lie In's that boy! Ian arrived not too long after and we all piled into Jules' car to head to flotterstone. Car park was busy as ever, considering weather wasn't too great. It was was fine on lower ground but mist was shrouding the hills making them look rather alluring and mysterious. I laughed at Jules' girly cat buff so he ended up leaving it behind. Cursing me later once on top of hill but i saved him with my WHW buff :)

decided we should do the route that me & Dave had done at end of July which took in 5 hills and covered around 12 miles. perfect. Well that was plan anyway... We neared we got to the top the mistier and windier it got. By time i was at top of Turnhouse I'd decided to stop and put my jacket on as i was Baltic. Was very funny trying to get it on though and it made me recall the Bastard ochills race where i struggled to put on my jacket at top of some godforsaken hill!

That first climb is always the worst and before we knew it we'd covered 3, turnhouse, Carnethy & Scald Law, the highest one. Next up was West & East Kip. At top of West kip we headed downhill but turned back as i thought we were heading wrong way (couldn't see a bloody thing!) so we ended u missing east kip and heading to another hill instead which had quite a descent!

We ran along a track to a farm and decided which route to take. It was here (on flat bit) that Susan went over on her ankle, took a spectacular tumble, smashed her knee open,and cut both her hands. After the initial shock i gave her my mismatched gloves and she bravely dusted herself down and trotted off leaving Jules, Ian & I in her wake lol!

Once we got to top of hill we took a Right turn where we'd ran before this taking us back along toward the descent to loganlea Reservoir. It was quite boggy & muddy here, Karen would've loved it. Ian did liken it to Cateran trail a bit. It was here that after seeing Jules & Ian skip over a muddy boggy bit i ended up in it, i don't have big long legs like them though! Susan was on hand to capture the moment though!

Very nearly lost shoe but we manged to fish it out.

I do love this view when we get to descent towards Loganlea. I've done it many times now and its a great run down. Once we got to bottom we headed along towards the reservoirs and homeward bound. Got too hot once out hilltops and took jacket off again. Run ended up being 10.5miles so we lost about mile & half getting lost in mist. It didn't matter though, we had cracking day out.
pic on left in stark dfference in weather to last run on same route! you can clearly see the hills we were heading to n background this time!

Managed to have a good chat to Ian about my WHW training. I'd already been picking his brains at Ayr about it and seeing as I'm being proper serious for once he agreed he'd coach me.

Me , with a coach, Can you fucking imagine it? Susan actually LOLLED in car and said "i cant wait to see anyone tell Sandra what to do" He's not getting paid btw, i might buy hm a drink if he's lucky, and if he's really unlucky he might end up wearing the drink.Actually after telling me some targets he has for me and me telling him i don't like to run fast that might just happen.

And seeing as he's looking fr a club in Edinburgh to join i told him he had to join the BEST club in here which is quite obviously Harmeny. Makes sense really, he likes hills, they train in the hills.

Watch this space!

Once everyone had came back, been fed watered showered then left. I sat and watched commonwealth games for wee while I then decided to go run a bath. Was about to head into bath when phone rang. Now i rarely answer house phone cause its never for me but i was n study so i did." Hi, is that Sandra? its Stephen's coach here, don't worry but we're waiting on ambulance for him"

ffs. Here we go again. I asked if i should head to hospital and he told me he'd call back when he was in ambulance. So i waited til he did then ran down to hospital, still covered n mud from pentlands, even managed to beat bloody ambulance so at least i was there when he arrived.(i ran fast Ian, if you're reading this) He was gulping on gas & air by then and in fair bit of pain.

Few hours later, xrays, docs coming & going and ruling out broken leg fractures etc they gave him drugs and crutches and a reappointment for Tuesday to rule anything sinister out. We got home and ordered Chinese but i was too tired to care by then and left most of it. Went fr my long awaited bath after falling asleep watching xfactor then went to bed. bloody knackered.

Lazy day today. very lazy.

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  1. Good luck with your WHW training. If anyone can get you to the start line fit for a sub 24 it's Ian. He really knows what's talking about.

    Glad your son's leg isn't broken. Boys eh? Spent many hours in A&E with ours over the years!

    Ali x



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