Saturday, 30 July 2011

If there is such a thing.....

As Normality, i do think I'm returning to it.

I went back to the gym for first time since my injury this week. Wow it hurt, but in a "you've worked hard" kinda way. I'm also back to do doing doubles, running to and from work. Works out at 3 runs if i do it on gym day but i just record it as two. This week I've ran 10 times. I've somehow managed to get to 101 miles for the month,  not bad for my recovery month back :o) I've also managed to clock up 7 races this month, crazy short lung busting races but clearly it's been a great way of trying to get my legs back up to speed if you'll pardon the pun!

Wednesday night was relay night at the Self Transcendence race. We managed to pull about 5 teams of 3 together all to run one mile each. It was a glorious night and the Meadows were packed out with people BBQing and drinking. Ian was at a dinner so couldn't make it but decided to squeeze wee run in before hand so popped down to surprise me (and give me my instructions on how fast i should run!) Our team was Santa's & Sinners. I somehow persuaded Julie last week she should do this,i told her we'd have picnic after with wine, that it would be great fun and a very social night. I eluded to tell her how much mile races hurt... oops Sorry Julie

I did 7.20 really happy with that as my (fairly old I'll admit) PB is 7.13, not done one for 2 years and my time's for these short races have been tumbling each week.We had a rather lovely night sitting in sunshine drinking bubbly and eating strawberries and other goodies.
 Since starting doing the parkruns3 weeks ago I've gone from 25.06 to  today 23.58.  Ian decided he would pace me today, think that helped push me along.
My old PB is 22.54 BUT, it was set on Edinburgh parkrun course when it was 80metres short! I think they should really scrap all the PB's & course records set  before they remeasured and fixed it as really it doesn't stand when it's short.

 So in that case i can say i'm PBing every week at moment, it's all good.

This weekend we're off to woohooooo

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  1. you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when i met you !



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