Thursday, 14 July 2011

Plodding on

My recovery continues.It's been rather hectic time at mo so i guess it's stopping me from going crazy and doing too much too soon.
On Friday we were heading down to London for a wedding , leaving straight from work which meant no running. Good thing. Journey down was great, only 4.5 hours but it was bit of trek once we arrived to get across London to where we were staying. Arrived then headed to bar to meet Bride & Groom for bottle wine or two lol. Plans were made to run to Richmond Parkrun the next day so we all sloped off to bed sometime after 1am.

Karen (bridesmaid) had said she planning on running around 30mins or so so i decided best plan for me would be to run with her. Chris & Brenda (bride & groom) were just running easily too so we all stayed together.Except Ian, he took off like a hare :)  What a lovelyy course it is, i really enjoyed it and had my most relaxed 5k ever just chatting all way round and enjoying the beautiful park and the company. I even walked a couple of times so Karen could catch up when i was getting bit ahead of self.Finished just over 30mins, ankle felt ok. . Brenda & Chris finished hand in hand, their last run as single people. Then it was back to hotel for big breakfast, Bren was starting to get nervous by about 11 so headed up to get ready. Ian and i decided to head out for walk to explore the area, just did couple miles, It was a gloriously sunny day.

Back to room to get changed and before too long it was time to go, car was picking us up at 1pm to whisk us to venue , Orleans House Gallery. Beautiful building with fascinating history.

Bren looked gorgeous and ceremony went without a hitch, few pictures in the surrounding grounds then back to Hotel for drinks and canapes in the courtyard. Sitting in the sun drinking Pimms, it was rather nice.

Day just flew by and table we had for meal was a great laugh, really good mix of people. Rest of day passed in a blur of drinking, hugging, and dancing. We sloped off to bed around 12, knackered. Fantastic day all round.

Sunday Breakfast with new Mr&Mrs then it was time to head back home.

Monday i ran to work and i felt almost normal again. When i wake up in morning my ankle are always sore, both of them.I can only liken it to a wee man sneaking in middle of night and giving my ankle a bashing with a mallet, once I'm up its ok. Most odd. I do hope there's not a man sneaking in and bashing me with a mallet...

Tuesday i was back in Linlithgow at the course. It was also exam day, think it went ok. Wednesday i decided that logistically i could manage to run if i packed carefully, so i did. Ran to station then once off train down to office, Total of just over 5 miles. Arrived in meeting room in my running gear and one of guys on course pipes up " do you know how many people die of heart attacks a year from running?"
"not as many as die from sitting on couch eating pizza I'll bet" i  said before heading off to get changed.

He was very nice to me for rest of day...

2nd exam was bit tougher, all about  Management Health & Safety. The Food one the day before i can get head round easier as its' stuff we should really know anyway. Risk assessments and legislation's and whatnot not is bit tougher. Think did ok though (passed Tuesday's one, find out about wed in few weeks i think)

Last night we decided to  do the Self-Transcendence Meadows 2 Miles race.Organised by the ever lovely Adrian.  This time i was racing though. Scary. I'd already done 10miles during the day so legs felt bit heavy, in fact they feel heavy regardless of what distance i do at mo! I stood at start line nervously looking around at the various skinny speedsters around me and felt like a total fraud. oh dear, looks like this would be my first race coming last...

Off we went, the meadows was absolutely heaving with people and i thought it would be carnage trying to dodge folk but the speedsters cleared the way thankfully. I finished in a rather pitiful 15.44. Slower pace than 5mile race i did week before WHW race. Yikes. I'm slow. And fat. Ok fat is pushing it, i know I'm not fat. I think i have put on about half stone since race though. Lying down doing nothing but elevate feet and drinking wine a lot will do that i guess...

Ian has told me not to expect miracles, reminded me that not only had i just completed one of toughest longest races in Scotland but I'd also got injured and have spent 3 weeks trying to recover from that.

I know all this, of course i do. I'm feeling bit better this morning about it than i was last night. Rome wasn't built in a day, Sandra wasn't fixed in an instant.

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