Thursday, 7 July 2011

Learning to listen to your body

The Sandra Way.
So it's unconventional to test if my ankle is ready for running by wearing high heels, but hey it works for me. I mentioned on twitter yesterday that i was thinking of testing ankle out today and running. I was immediately barraged by Friends telling me to be careful, isn't it too soon etc. I was soon regretting making it public, trying to reassure people i knew what i was doing etc.

Now i know everyone was just concerned for me, of course they are. And i really appreciate their concern. Truly. I have fantastic friends who've always looked out for me. Can you hear the but coming?

I know my own body. After having back problems about 5 yrs ago and coming back too quick, putting myself back to square one i learnt the hard way. Since then I've been a great believer in listening to my body. For instance, if I'm tired and struggling to get out of bed,  or had very busy day at work and I'm shattered  then i just can the run. I feel no guilt in having a really lazy weekend if i feel like it too.

Back to present time. I'm not going to put myself back 3 weeks just so i can go for a poxy run. Yes i love running, yes I'm eager to get back out there but to be perfectly honest I've rather enjoyed the rest. And rest i have! I know every minute of the day how my ankle feels, i know how much it hurts, if its stiff, if it's sore. Me, i know. I didn't ask the Doc when i could run again but i did ask when i could wear heels again.

So after 2 days at a training course this week and sitting down all day, i got home on Wednesday feeling pretty good. I'd wore my knee high boots which are slightly higher than my red ones in last blog. I got home and rummaged in cupboard and put these babies on .....

They're highest shoes i have. And i wasn't hurting. I walked around house with smile on face and happy thoughts in my head. I knew i could go try that test run.

But i was still being cautious. I  had planned route which is a nice 3.69 miles along the canal, nice and flat, nothing too challenging. It's usually my run home from work route so i know it well, it usually takes me anything from 31 to 35 minutes. I decided not to wear garmin, just a watch. I decided to give myself a whole hour to get to work in case i needed to walk. I set my alarm for 4.38am.  I had busy day at work so wanted to get there by 6.15.  Left house at 5.17am. I didn't look at watch the whole way, i just ran with how my body let me run. No pains.

I arrived at work at 5.50am. :o)

I've had busy day and was on feet all day, all is good. Got home about 3.30 so that's about 11hrs all told. Think I'll manage the Clyde Stride next week no problem....

(that was a joke btw!)


  1. I quite often have problems with my ankles and am never 100% sure when they are ready for running on. Do those shoes come in a size 10?

  2. If I catch Marco in my heels, I'll know he's just "testing" :-) x

  3. Ali, dont know about those ones but the original shoes i wanted from last blog are only avaialble in thst size, grab them quick though, dont want you disapointed like i was! ;)
    Debs, just how big are your feet? Clearly that's where Marco is going wrong...

  4. Glad it's getting there babe. x



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