Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lacking Motivation

not to run, just to blog. Maybe it's because my running isn't going so well. Maybe i'm expecting too much of myself. That's what i've been told my him who knows anyway.

Every run is such hard work, doesn't matter if i'm actually trying or if i'm just meandering along, at some point i feel like i'm dragging along a couple of bags of cement with me. I look at the people who did Clyde stride at weekend who'd also done WHW and wonder how on earth they manage it.(well done everyone btw)

Did Parkrun again last Saturday, for someone taking it easy i've managed to do 3 races in a week. Finished in 25.06. Around 3 minutes off PB. It was hard work to get that even.

Have i become a big fat wuss? Will i ever run "fast" again?  Who will save me?

Rosemary , the telephone operator? ....No

Penry, the mild mannered Janitor? .....
Hmmm, i doubt even Hong Kong Phoooey can help.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. It's just a case of taking the rough with the smooth and keep pushing on and the running will come together again eventually. Blogging has been a real effort since the back gave out because i felt i had nothing of any interest to blog about and am sure people didn't want to hear me moaning on about my injury and not being able to run lol but sometimes it's good to get it out onto your blog just to get it out your system. :0)

  2. It really hasn't been that long since the injury and you're just going to have to be little Miss Patience.

  3. Sandra, I think that there are more than a few runners out there struggling with motivation. You've had a pretty meteoric rise runningwise but maybe you're reaching the point where finding new challenges that motivate you are getting harder to find. I think it's only natural after a "biggy" like the WHW for you to need a bit of a break, both physically and psychologically. We can't all be like Richie and jump from massive ultra to massive ultra almost non-stop, we need time to catch our breath.
    The problem for runners is that it *is* a kind of addiction and we start feeling really negative when we're not running and then feel guilty for not running.
    I think the answer is to make not running a *positive* decision, and not feel that it's one forced upon you. Take some time out and know that you'll come back when you're mentally ready. Perhaps take up cycling like I have. I've surprised myself by how much I'm enjoying cycling just now, particularly as I can do it pain free and also just loving the new challenge of pushing myself in a new sport.



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