Monday, 25 July 2011

Chip Chip Chip

Saturday Mornings are no longer lie in's, they are get up early for Parkrunning. 5k's hurt, i hate 5k's so goodness knows why i'm putting myself through this week on week.

It was a glorious day and Cramond was looking spectaculour. I even did a wee warm up, clearly i'm starting to lose plot a little.

This week felt a bit easier, maybe legs are getting used to running again. I finished in 24.24, which is an improvemnt of 42seconds on last week.So i'm about a min and half away from my PB, which im told is soft and i have to beat.  Talk about moving the finish line.....

We headed off to cafe for Tea & Scones and a good catch up with lovely people. Saturday evening we had friends round for dinner, great night.
Next race is Wednesday, Meadows relay. We've managed to get about 4 teams together and it's a purely for fun race. If weather stays as lovely then plan is to have a little refreshment or two in the meadows as a wee reward.

Back to gym this week too, feels like an eternity since i've been.


  1. 5kms - much more mental that 95miles ;-)

  2. Enjoy the Meadows - looks like it's going to be a cracking evening for it! (Almost as nice as your Parkrun weekend.)



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