Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Brushing my teeth standing on one leg

Warning, this blog contains girly content and may bore the pants off boys.

Brushing Teeth standing on one leg?
You may wonder why I'd do that. After a chat with a very trusted Doctor Friend who is also a Sports injury Specialist he told me i could wear heels again when i could stand on one leg whilst brushing my teeth. Well i can, so i am.

But first there has been other trials. I know that when i can wear real heels again then i can run again. This may an unorthodox way to some but to me it makes complete sense.

Girly Content

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We're going to a wedding in London this weekend and i already got a bargain dress for it (Ebay, i love you) but it being an unusual colour i decided i needed neutral heels for it. Scoured Net and spotted these. I loved them on sight so

headed to Jenners where i tired them on and ummed and aaahed over them. They were comfy and they were gorgeous.  I vowed to go back and buy them when i got paid.  Silly silly me i didn't go back soon enough and they sold out in my size. In the ENTIRE world it would seem!
seriously, properly gutted. Still am.
PS, this was before WHW race.

So, Plan B. Back to Net, then off to John Lewis to try on next pair. These ones. Not quite my dream ones as above but lovely nonetheless . I put right one on and they felt good. I put left one on and even sitting down i knew it was a no go. My ankle was immediately hurting. I tried to stand up and couldn't even put my left foot down. Gutted.

I trudged out of John Lewis almost tripping over my lip. Ian suggested going to Kurt Geiger as that last ones were KG shoes and they might have something similar. Off we went but i wasn't too hopeful.

After explaining to girl about my ankle and pointing to shoe i wanted above i asked for alternative suggestions. She came up with this one.

I tried them on. They didn't hurt my ankle. Bonza! Ok  they're a compromise shoe and not my first (or second) choice but they're a shoe that
A. Doesn't hurt my ankle
B. Goes with my dress.

It's all good in the end. And it restored my confidence to stand on one leg and brush my teeth.

Today I've been on a training course and knew I'd be sitting most of day  so i took the opportunity to wear heels, not high heels but heels none the less.

Not huge amount of walking, just to train station, to bus stop etc but I'm OK. This is good news, very good news.

I'm on the mend and I'll be back soon.

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  1. Marks & Spencers:
    Autograph for heels that can stop traffic and start conversations ...
    Insolia for heels I can walk all day in

    And you can never have enough shoes :-)



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