Sunday, 3 July 2011

Baby Steps

I thought I'd be climbing the walls by now not being allowed to run, or even walk very far but I'm actually ok. Maybe it's good to get an enforced rest sometimes?  Was dreading going back to work as I've little choice but to be on feet for most of day but it's been ok, I've done a few days of paperwork so it's kept me on my bum. This week and next I'm on a 2day training course so that'll give me bit of break.

Finally got to Doc's on Thursday and she didn't tell me anything i didn't already know tbh. Although i was a bit surprised when she said it was still very swollen, i thought it was improving! Ordered rest, ice, elevation. So i went home and poured a drink and put my feet up  ;)

Few people have asked when i can run again, funnily enough it's not something I've asked myself. Didn't ask Doctor nor Consultant at hospital either. I think I'm pretty good at listening to my body and I'll know myself when things are ok. They're not at mo, i can feel ankle throbbing a bit as i write this, but I've cut back massively on the Tramadol, didn't take anything at all on Friday.

Yesterday we decided to take a wee trip down to North Berwick, took a wee walk along the beach and i paddled in the water to ice my ankle, it felt great :)

NB brings back so many happy childhood memories for me. We used to love heading there for the day, it's such an unspoilt place and i can feel the tension just dropping out of me when i arrive there. Spent many a happy time in the very pool i paddled in yesterday and we took a walk up to where the old outdoor pool used to be, it's now used for boats but you can still clearly see where the changing areas and the viewing areas were.
Reminiscing is good.

Stopped by the Lobster shack (that's new since i was last there) and had glass wine (purely medicinal of course) they serve fresh lobster and other fresh fish caught daily, great wee place. And champagne is reasonably priced too, always a draw for me lol.

Had lovely dinner and more wine (for me anyway) then took coastal route back up making plans to run down there soon and follow the John Muir way

Didn't get home til 11pm, perfect day.

I guess today was first day I've wished i was out running, Ian headed out about an hour ago for club run. This is perfect day for being in the Pentlands and I'm envious. Just about to head out and get papers and sit in sun and read them, that'll distract me a bit. Although I've no time scale in mind for running again I'd really like to do the Speyside Way Ultra, absolutely cracking race and i thoroughly enjoyed it last yr.  Not entered yet, don't want to count my chickens and all that...

Happy Running everyone and good luck for forthcoming races, hope to be joining you all again very soon.

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  1. I looked at the Lobster Shack's website and I will be dreaming of langoustines and bubbly tonight :-)



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