Thursday, 21 July 2011

If at first you dont succeed

That famous old saying....

Wednesday night, it must be time for Sri Chimnoy Race at the Meadows.

 Although i was having bit of moan in last blog, it wasn't about losing my mojo, my mojo is firmly in place. The mind is willing it's the body that is protesting slightly. So only way to fix that is to fix me. Speedwork has never been my forte, it's never even been in my vocabulary to be honest. Although I've done one mile race occasionally at "the fetch mile" i only really went to that for the social aspect, i didn't/don't actually like running eyeballs out and lungs bursting. Who does? Actually i think loads of people do. Mentalists.

It was 20th Anniversary of these races so it was very busy. Or was it busy because it was 20p to enter? I arrived to find that Ian had generously paid for my entry fee. KeithH was most impressed by that. Half the field were HBT'ers and had silly masks on, so along with the silly chants it made them even more sillier. They might be silly but my oh my they are fast, very fast. Clearly chanting and wearing silly masks is way forward. Some incredibly inspiring times.
Met up with Kate & Anne then headed over to start. Anne challenged Ian & said she was going to try and beat him, i didn't challenge anyone. I was just hoping not to be last. I was thankful there was more people around this time mind you. It would seem that last week there was only 3 people behind me, i know it's a small race but that's the furthest back I've been in a field since i started running. Kate was nervous at start, stressing over pace, time, why she was there, why she ran, why she chose that top, why she didn't have pie for lunch etc etc. I just don't get nerves like that, I'm not sure why. Maybe i don't have that hunger, maybe i should worry more?
I decided i should try and keep Kate in my sights, and i managed to do that for most of way but she ended up finishing about a minute ahead of me. I don't know why she keeps telling everyone she is rubbish runner, stand up and be counted Kate! Anne & Ian had a bit of duel going on and she pushed and pushed him but Ian pushed on and won this time round. I suspect Ian now has a stalker until she beats him, which I'm sure will be soon, sorry Ian! Keith & Carrie also had cracking races, and Carrie only did the Clyde Stride at weekend, go girly!

And me? I finished in 15.17. Still no earth shattering records, but it IS a 29second PB from last week. I'm kinda chuffed to knock that amount off a wee 2 mile race. I'm hoping it's a start of things to come.
After the prize giving (i didn't win anything, funny that) we headed off to the pub. It was Julie's (of watching the trails fame)  Birthday and she was patiently waiting in pub for a bunch of sweaty runners to pile in. She wasn't disappointed
A glass of wine or three was had and time flew by. It was late (by my standards) by time we got home and had a very late dinner, very quick shower then bed.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about exciting stuff happening and didn't want to mention it in case of jinxing it but now that things have moved along i can tell.  I'm finally getting control back of my own Unit. It's been a year now since i was moved to where i am and it's not been an easy ride. It's been incredibly stressful at times and difficult to adjust to not being manager. On top of this our place has been chosen as one of 8 to get tested for an award. It's incredibly important and if we fail the company fails.So on my head be it so to speak. I'm actually relishing the challenge even though it means lots of work ahead  i hope i can rise to it.

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