Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Step by Step and Day by day

Every second counts, i cant break away.

For some reason I've been thinking about my WHW race a lot recently, afterwards i suffered the inevitable comedown. A year's worth of training, for what? Was it all worth it? Ending up in hospital, all that pain i was in, the stress i caused my loved ones, my crew? To be honest it's taken me a while to say yes. Don't get me wrong, i was chuffed to finish. But it was tinged with the *but i could've done better* though. And actually that's kinda selfish and a bit rude to anyone finishing behind me or who DNF'd

But we each run our own race for our own reasons.
Pointed out by Andy Cole only recently in his blog, for me it's "because i can"  I think as runner's we are constantly looking to others and thinking " i wish i could be like that"  I guess some of us could stop wishing and just get off our butts and do the hard work and be just like them. Of course some people are just Natural Born runners.  I'm certainly not one of those. I think most runs are hard work, but hey if it wasn't hard everyone would be doing it, right?

Getting back to WHW race. I can now talk about it with pride, i can now stop beating myself up over the time, stop asking why on earth did i pick up an ankle injury that's never bothered me before. The simple answer is why not? I should be (and am!) delighted to have finished despite it all getting chucked at me not to. I'm proud of my goblet and i now want a shirt that says i RAN the WHW in 25hrs 57mins. I want to stand up and be proud of what I've done.

be proud     I am.

Last weekend was one of best weekends I've ever had. As mentioned in previous blog we were at Scone Palace in Perth for Rewind 

Parkrun in morning, home for breakfast, pack and offski. We arrived just before check in time so we sat in the sunshine and had glass wine til we could get in room. Soon as could we headed off for shuttle bus. Arrived to find a  neon coloured queue snaking round the concert hall but it actually only took about 10 mins to board buses. There were some fantastic and outrageous costumes around, I'm not too sure too many of us dressed like that in the 80's.
  Once we arrived we got drinks and quickly found a good spot and settled there for rest of day. Weather was glorious and the whole day was just brilliant.

We quickly realised the best route to
A. The Bar
B. The Toilets
C. The food Areas

ABC were playing too btw.....

We also quickly decided that tomorrow we'd go to shops and bring fold up seats as we were some of the few without them.I even to mange to locate my pal Debbie after 15 missed calls and pics to show where we were/they were, it's fair to say she was a bit tipsy. ;)

And that's what we did.
Some people even had tables ! We also got a blanket so it gave us wee bit of space around the seats too. Very civilised.
A certain Mr Waterman was saying earlier in the day that he too wished he was there as he knew Rick Astley was playing and was gutted  to miss it. Ian very kindly called him up a few times and played some songs down the phone, much to Mr Waterman's delight. True Friendship that is.

Weather for Sunday wasn't quite so good, overcast but still warm, it didn't matter a jot. We had yet another brilliant day and played some more songs down the phones, some people were appreciative than others... ;) 

On Monday we did our own Tour of fife. Not of the running kind like that crazy lot last week though. We headed to St Andrews and spent a lovely day there then followed the coastal route back down. Stopping in the lovely Elie for a wee glass wine and vowing to go back to sample the food which looked great. Some really lovely towns on that route but also some godforsaken ones too.

Apologies to anyone in Buckhaven if your reading this but omg i was scared being in the car there. Saw one guy running and as he glanced at his watch I'm sure i saw the surprise in his eyes that it was still on his wrist.....

Back to work yesterday and been flat out since. Ian is on holiday for next 2 weeks and doing VIP stuff  and I've got busy few weeks at work working towards this award. I'm amazed at just how dark it's got in the mornings again. On my gym mornings I'm not long past 4.40 and it's been pitch black, its light before i leave about half hr later but it's sad to summer on it's way out already.

Who's up for a bit of Devilling around this weekend?  Doing this purely for fun and wont be chasing any times. Hopefully see lots of you there.

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