Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Cant stay sad for long, it's not in my DNA ;)

I fed up this morning after being back at work and managing full day without any aggro on ankle, for once i took regular breaks to get weight off, but i woke up this morning to even more pain and lump on ankle even after elevating it soon as i was home.

But... been doing paperwork most of day and *fingers crossed* I'm on mend again.

So, reasons to be cheerful

1. The Botanic Gardens 5k takes place today, this was my first ever race. 6 years ago.
2. Before the race and after training for it for 5weeks i said i was never running again.
3. Then i got a medal
4. And wanted to enter another race
5. So i entered Loch Ness 5k! lol
6. Then was persuaded to change it 10k, took lot of persuasion though.
7. I have a superb relationship.
8. I have fantastic friends
9. I'll run again, some people aren't so lucky.
10. The sun is Shining


  1. 11. You write an inspiring and uplifting blog!

  2. It's great that you are being positive. Hope you recover quickly x


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