Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Thighs have it

Ran up to gym yesterday for my session with Pascale.He'd done me a plan and was taking me through it showing me correct way, timing me, pushing me etc aaargh! bloody hard work it was too. I wish i could afford to pay him everytime i go to push me but i cant so i'll have to see if i can push myself, i really hope i can

I predicted i'd be incredibly sore this morning but weirdly i was ok...

Decided not to run anyway and take a rest day, then i realised i said i'd go along to club run so it's not really a rest day lol. Anyway, as the day has worn on my inner thighs have got tighter & tighter.

Does this mean i'll have thighs of steel soon? :)

Got my number for Abingdon Marathon today :( Getting jealous of everyone heading up to Loch Ness @ Weekend too.waaaah etc

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