Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Running Naked @ Perth50k

So i ditched Glasgow Half at last minute & decided to do Perth 50k. Why not, never done a 50k before, guaranteed PB etc

Got picked up by the lovely Chris & Caroline in morning and headed up early as Chris was doing 24hr race.Arrived to find Karen & George were well sorted with Bongo and 2 tents already pitched, Ian was next door so we had a good neighbour at least.

Tony arrived, he was doing 100k, his first crack at that distance and was little nervous.

Time flew by quickly and before too long it was time to wave of the nutters doing the 24hrs race. had 2 hours before mine started so spent it sunbathing, collecting chip & number, losing my chip, Me, Toney, Karen & Vicky searxhing for chip, getting new one and heckling the poor 24hr people as they ran past, all still smiling i have to say ;) I kept shouting "well done, you're nearly there..." expecting someone to stop and give me a slap, but no one did. Must try harder next time... Donald once again made a surprise appearance to support, bless him :)

2 hrs flew by and soon enough we were lining up. We were told at race briefing that because it was a Scottish championship race we werent allowed garmins. :-o oh my god, i cant remember last time i ran without mine! Naked running? eeep, rely on my own body to tell me what to do? eeep, it usually tells me to stop and have a drink... this could be tough. No ipods allowed either but mine is still stuck on the takethat/oasis loop from Devil so i wasnt bothered about that!

I nervously glanced around at the people lining up with me, the 100k was starting at same time. Lucy Colqhoun, Scott Bradley, Grant Jeans, Gail Murdoch to name but a few. Fuck, what the fuck was i do here? This is where i seriuosly started to doubt myself and wish i'd chosen The Weej over Perth! Too late, the hooter went off and so did everyone in front of me, like a shot. fuck.

I decided to just try & enjoy it, that would come back and bite me on bum. I *really* was enjoying it at first, what a lovely course. Nice wee breeze as we approached the water, really pretty park. Lots of folk to chat to, nice people all way round giving encouragement and best of all you get to checkpoint every 1.5miles. I ran about 4 laps altogether with Paul Houston , 2 of them too fast. Him being a 2.42 marathon runner his bimble was me trying hard! lol

Another great thing was no need to carry anything,not that i needed anything. I ran right through for first 4 then took a wee cup of whatever energy drink they were offering for rest of race,sometmies every lap, sometimes every 2nd one. that did me fine.

Was super srprised to see Lynn & Kev appear and ran and hugged them,then later equally surprised to see Vicky & Iain so did same again! lol yeah, i know, timewasting etc who cares, i was happy to see my friends :)

I was counting the laps backwards and by time i had 11 left i started losing will a bit. I think this pic probably captures that lol

I was getting plenty support & encouragement though and it did keep me going. I think i was finding it tough as it's my first time n tarmac this year really, everything i've done has been traily hilly stuff. I was used to getting walking breaks and taking pics ;) This is what i meant in my last blog about Ultras making me lazy. I needed a good boot up the arse quite frankly

No way could i do the 24hr race, these guys are hardcore, even the100k i think i'd struggle with. Round & round & round.nope. I think everyone who finished that 24hrs race truly amazing. I'm in awe of the guys like Paul Hart who just make it look so easy!

I tend to go through a mini bad patch around 15-20miles and soon snapped out of it after Ian laughed at me for being overtaken by a 24hr runner (him) & Richie telling me " i wasn't trying hard enough"

It was true, i wasn't so i bucked up my ideas and stopped whinging and got on with it it. Karen & George were superexcited as i got on my countdown to 3. When i got to last lap George told me i was 2nd lady. I said "why? has everyone else dropped out?" lol He ran a wee bit with me and told me to go for it, to go kick ass. And you know what, i did. I ran as hard as i could and was flying (well for me, anyway) past folk with smile on my face. Before too long the finish line was there.

4hrs 44mins 48secs mins. 2nd Lady, 1st FV. fuck! Got big announcement as i came over line and i couldnt stop laughing! George picked me up twirled me round til i was dizzy, Karen hugged me, Donald hugged me and i got hugged to death,too funny. I just couldnt beleive it.

I got back to tent and fished in bag for vodka, ran back and got coke from drinks station and soon had that down my throat.This was quickly replaced by an ice cold crabbies courtesy of Karen.
was soon called out to go get our prizes, i nearly peed myself when i got 2 medals, 2 trophies and £25 of vouchers for Run&Become.

i'm such a medal whore as you all know ;)

Phil arrvied not long after so missed me finishing but i soon forgave him as he arrvied with 2 bottles bubbly, i love that boy.

Debs arrived too , twas great to see her. Isnt it fab that all these folk just come along to show their support?

Paul had bit of rough time and took decision to pull out @ mile45, he was gutted. I persuaded him to stay for drink though and he was soon smiling again>>

Rest of evening was spent drinking and supporting all the 100k folk and crazy 24hr nutters.I managed to get pics with nearly everyone before leaving. Phil had his first open water swim race early the next day so we had to get back. I was sad to leave everyone.
But Karen promised to txt me regularly and i was keeping an eye on facebook too.

How good does Jane look 9.5hrs into the race! :)

Here is a blurry pic of race HQ working hard, sorry it's blurry, i was kinda drunk by then.Many thanks to them all, they were brill.

Can barely remember journey home but remember getting in and finding

a candle for Phils Birthday cake !>

He made me share a bottle of wine with him too lol

Once again Karen, George & Phil surpassed themselves, cant thank them enough.

I think it's fair to say i ended my first Ultra running year on a high with some very special people.


  1. Everyone of those medals were hard earned :-)

  2. Congrats on a great run and a great year Sandra.

    I think 2011 is going to be even better.

  3. lol finally found my password to log in again
    :-) You did fantastic little lady and i loved the Herald report and picture. X

  4. Happy to see you too! Well done on a fantastic run.

  5. You are turner into quite the ultra-nutter, y'know? Well done, great blog, great run.



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