Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Article in Herald

I now have the link thanks to Friends in the know... :)

Still poorly, Doc says it's a virus and i've to ride it out, rest, fluids etc. Ie- everything i've been doing.

Someone told me i was damn lucky yesterday. To have done 8 Ultras this yr (and a half & a 5k, both PB's btw) and come through it all with no injuries or sickness

fair point i reckon oh wise one



  1. I agree with the wise one. Warnings are given about the lowering of the immune system after a marathon. What you did is stretching your luck a bit - to say the least! Magnesium supplements and plenty of iron in your diet is the way forward. And maybe a bit less alcohol?

    Killjoy ;-)

  2. lol, yeah i'll just drink water at the ball... ;)



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