Friday, 10 September 2010

Perth Aftermath

I actually did expect to be hurty after this one, i usually am after a marathon. It puts a different kind of strain on body i guess. And i did run all the way, well except to pick up drinks and when i was hugging folk ;)

Anyway, i wasn't sore, legs bit tired yes but no soreness. Yes I'm a weirdo, or once again did i not try hard enough?? Anyway. We were up with lark as Phil had his first open water swim race, not being one to pussyfoot around it was a 2k race ffs lol. Seeing i was ok, i decided to wear running gear and run to start to see him start, then back to finish.

Halfway there i realised i'd forgotten my camera, supergutted. Phil wouldn't turn back though, no matter how much i moaned (and i did) We arrived there before 9 where registration was meant to be open (it wasn't) in fact there wasn't *that* much evidence expect for 2 buoys in the sea really.

It was then that i found out Phil's race want til 12.30! it was only 9 o'clock, i know he was nervous but for fucks sake, i could've been asleep for wee bitty longer at least! We got cuppa Tea and sat waiting on news from Perth, cant believe I'd had full nights sleep yet they were still running, i guess i should stop moaning then huh?Spoke to George and got full lowdown on everyone, was very proud and kinda wished was there to hug everyone but hey ho.

Phil slipped (ok, struggled) into his wetsuit which was more than a bit amusing (damnation's for forgetting camera!) and i laughed a bit. (pics were taken on phone later)There was a *warm up* race of 400m first and headed to race briefing. What a bloody shambles. The buoys they were meant to swim around were blowing away! lol they had guys out in speedboats trying to pull them back from seafield practically, piece of nonsense really! They ended up not using them and pulled them out water,instead using the *gates* to swim around. Phil did really well and finished in middle of field instead of last like he thought he would!

Another cuppa T and Phil was getting bussed to Musselburgh for the start so i ran there. Nice and slow and legs felt just fine. Got there ages before him and sat on seafront enjoying the sunshine. Soon enough the buses arrived and the first wave set off, as did i back to portobello.I had my phone out to take pics and stood patiently waiting at finish line. Thing is they all the same! lol, lots of wetsuits and green hats, i had nofriggin clue which one Phil was and ended up missing him coming in! numpty.
When i eventually found him he was buzzing, he'd done brilliantly and i was dead proud. I have absolutely no desire to follow in his footsteps, quite frankly i think he is mad. :o) once he was changed we headed off home and i cooked roast dinner before phil headed off with his tent (told you he was mad) and his mountain bike on a bit of an adventure, he had no idea where he was heading. I gave him Soup & (his birthday)cake to take with him so at least he wouldn't go hungry.
Back to work Monday, hey ho. Ben having bit of ponder about the 3 Marathons i had planned and I'm thinking of pulling out of 2 of them. One reluctantly the other nt so much so. Loch Ness is my favourite Marathon, i love it. I love the course, the organisation (the medal!)and most of all i love the weekend away in Inverness. But so many people have pulled out for one reason or another that i don't really want to go now. I pick races that I'll be away all weekend for the social aspects really and no point if all my favourite(well nearly all) have pulled out.
As for Abingdon, well i did it last year and it's a long way to go for a race i don't *really* need to do. Still doing Newcastle, that much is certain. Final decision over other 2 by weekend methinks.
Oh, joined gym. Got induction yesterday from Pasquale.I told him from word go that i had no intention of using the treadmill/bike etc etc as i did plenty cardio already. There was another guy there too, what a numpty. He said he didnt want to do any cardio, he only wanted to see the machines that worked on his abs. I said i was there for free weights, kettle balls and perhaps few circuit classes. Then did 30mins in gym, followed by a vibration plate workshop. lol I was also getting shown how to use the kettlebells, its all in the hip action apparently! I'm booked in for personal session with Pasquale on Saturday again so he can make me a training plan.
I'll be a lean mean running machine by next yr! (hopefully)
Got Roger's Birthday party tonight. He is having a Bond Theme, i'm just going in long dress, ie- Bond Girl glamour.. Would've been nice to have a date to take but hey ho, still manless so going with Stephen & Kelly.

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