Wednesday, 22 September 2010

SUM(ing) it up

See what i did there? :p

By Thursday i was feeling pretty much ok but made sensible decision not to return to work til Monday as i didn't want to push myself. Instead i booked decided to go down to Ayr a day early and just chill out. After scouring net i found an amazing B&B and managed to get booked in for both nights so i cancelled my other hotel. I really wantd to be well enough to enjoy the SUMS Ball.

Friday i felt pretty good, hurrah :) Had deliciously leisurely lunch then schlepped off for my 2 train journey to Ayr. It wasn't too bad actually and i arrived there around 5pm. My room was just amazing. Happy Sandra. Popped up to local pub for bite to eat and few glasses wine then headed home with bottle bubbles, look closely in pic! ;) Drank it in my bed. Bliss.

Lie in next day with late fabulous breakfast. Then i got ready for run. Ran down onto seafront then right along beach & back. Have to admit it was quite hard work, week of complete inactivity does that for you! Stayed on seafront for wee while watching the kite surfing competition and enjoying the sea air.
Got rescued by Ian B who was supporting Dave W on RiverAyrway and we spent rest of day jumping ahead and meeting him & Lee at various checkpoints. It was good to see the route and i had tiny pangs about not running it, only teeny tiny ones though! Dave was on top form and we knew he'd get to that finish line!

Watched Dave finish then Ian kindly dropped me back off at my B&B. It was great to kick back and just get ready nice & leisurely whilst sipping on more pink bubbles. I still had no clue what i was wearing as I'd taken 2 dresses with me so i sought advice from B&B owners :) He immediately picked the red dress so that's what i wore

Met Karen, George, Donald & Elaine in pub before heading over to ball. Cracking night was had by all i think! Danced loads, drank loads and was thrown across dancefloor by random and landed in heap on floor! Had bloody great night though, Murdo, Tim and everyone involved did brilliant job. Was great to everyone all dressed up too.

I managed to pick up a wee award for doing most Ultras of the the series. >

This was in street after and juggling 2 bottles and a box, oh and a handbag whilst being a tad tipsy is not clever. Seconds later my box fell to ground and i heard a sickening smash. Glass was in smithereens. Seriously gutted :o(
We toyed with idea of heading t nightclub but after seeing the horrendous queues we headed to kebab shop instead. I was about to eat my own arm by then as i'd only had my breakfast and half of plate of rank chips in a skanky cafe earlier on in day.
Chicken kwababa went down an absolute treat. Karen was getting chatted up in shop whilst George stood patiently waiting outside, i was getting chatted up at taxi rank and George gave him a parting shot of " guess who's going home with 3 gorgeous girls" as we climbed into our cab! lol
Another late breakfast and i very kindly got dropped off by B&B owners at cafe to meet, Karen, George, Sarah, Keith & Lucy. Managed to blag a lift home with Lucy and Keith and we sang all the way home to some top tunes, many thanks for an enjoyable journey home!
Headed into town and went down to see my friend Graeme who was marshaling at World Archery competition, stayed for wee while there then headed off to watch 2nd half on Man Utd game in pub, managed to not get thrown out and stayed quite well behaved.
And that was that. Fantastic weekend.thank you, all of you who made it happen.
Back to work Monday. Booo.Didn't run in but did on Tuesday, then went to gym. I'm only girl in the free weights section, men are funny when trying to show off :o) Loving it. I've got my meeting with pasquale on Saturday morning to go through a training plan. I was using the kettlebell yesterday and today i feel like I've been run over by a train! ffs.Actualy feel sorer than i have after any of my ultras this year!! Still ran in though, thought it would help loosen me up but I'm still bit stiff so didn't run home. Nice bubbly bath helped a bit though.
Rest day tomorrow. I'm meeting Roger tomorrow as I've been asked to do some "naked" shoots for a "calender girls" type calender for charity. Roger is taking the pics and has booked studio for tomorrow. Think might need glass wine.. or two!
gotta go, Man utd game just started

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