Sunday, 12 September 2010

Woe is me

I've been poorly since Thursday night, not good. I dont get ill, ever. Started off with my head feeling really heavy and hurty so i went to bed. Was still feeling ropey in morning so didn't run but still went to work (i need to by dying before i let folk down!) Luckily it was quiet at work and i just did some baking (rocky road, tiffin and Cherry & almond flapjack for those interested)

left work at 3ish and was home and in bed by 4. Head exploding and stabbing pains all over body. Thoughts of Roger's party long gone. Slept for about 3 hours the Stephen brought me drugs and ran me bath. Felt slightly better after bath so decided to go to party for wee while. Place was lovely, we didnt stay too long with me being poorly and Stephen working the next day. Think only had 3 drinks.Roger's new girlfriend was there, she has long blonde hair... go figure... When i asked if he was taking her to Loch Lomond next weekend to meet his Dad (he has a timeshare log cabin at cameron house, we used to go every yr, lush) he said "god no, Dad wouldn't like her (he loved me) she is a bit dim!" lol too funny.

We went for chips on way home as i'd not eaten since day before, chips never tasted so good! Until the next morning when i was woken by stabbing stomach pains and running to loo :(

Decided to spend day in my dressing gown and threw spare room duvet downstairs so i could enconse myself on sofa and watch the football. So that's how rest of day was spent. Got cheered up by fleeting visit and bunch flowers which was quickly dampened by Everton bloody scoring twice in last 10mins ffs.

Day was kept interesting by regular txt from Jen's race (SDWR) i was following on twitter and getting txt from Allan & Phil on thier progress.Phil very sensibly pulled out at 20miles when his foot started to niggle. Jen pulled out when she missed her own deadline cut off but i think she was releived, meant she could get on with the job in hand.

Stephen appeared got washed & changed the disappeared out for night. Realised hadnt eaten since the chips nght before s ordered chinese, managed to eat half of it and although i also poured a vodka, i couldnt finish it. Yes i *was* that ill!

Woke up once again by somoene stabbing me in stomach at 5.30am, so i txt Allan to see how he was doing. He'd got lost and was thinknig of pulling out, i told him to wait til first light and take it from there, he did and is now nearly done wooop! :)

oh how could i forget? I got PDF from the reporter from Herald, star that she is, so if anyone who hasnt seen the article wants it, just give me a shout and i'll mail it to you, dont think i can upload it here...
oh and last but not least. I've decided against Loch Ness.


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. I guarantee you don't make a happy patient xx

  2. Shame about Loch Ness. Hope you get better soon.



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