Friday, 3 September 2010

And now, the end is near...

After Speyside we hung around for an hour cheering folk in until i was shivering like a loon, then we headed up to community centre for much needed cup tea.

Great to see everyone and see some stonking performances. Stayed there for another hour hoping to see Vicky &Ian S but it wasn't to be. The chilled bottle of veuve cliquot nestling in Jane's fridge was calling us home... Got txt from Karen on way home asking how race went, this is typical of Karen, worrying abut others when there she was over for biggest race in her life, i told her how it went and said never mind me, what about you?? It was we found out she didn't start the alternative race, me & Jane were truly gutted for her :( She promised to keep us updated on George & Richie who had started though..

Had really lovely evening. Jane's bath is so big i could easily drown in it, my feet couldn't touch end lol, yeah i know that's not hard! i spent a long time soaking in the bubbles, drinking bubbles ;) chilled out evening of plenty more bubbly, great food and great company. Many thanks to Jane & Alan for superb hosting once again.

Lovely journey home on first class, helped by lots txting, Facebooking & twittering! That is until they ran out of alcohol! :-o ffs. I shuld've preempted that and got it before i got on but hey ho. Got off train and headed straight ot M&S for nice chilled bottle of pink bubbles. Home, Chinese, bubbly. Done.Oh, got home to very clean house, cushion covers in wash, extra drink in fridge and one straggler in spare room. Looks like i wasn't invited to party...

Had day off because of bank holiday on Monday so took it as opportunity to try get dress for ball, major fail. Saving grace was lovely lunch thankfully. Then i headed down to my Big Brothers for my nephews Birthday party. Back to work Tuesday booo.

I had no aches, no pains no after effects of Speyside at all, this either means my body is getting used to such silly nonsense or i didn't try hard enough, funny how i always think i didn't try hard enough! Anyway, i ran to work with no issues, had really busy day and on feet all day. Once i was home after going up & downstairs couple times i started to get pain in front of my knee, most odd! Seemed to get worse as night wore on and after a sleepless night i finally caved in at 3.19am and got up for some drugs, and some ice.

Couldn't find any ice so i used frozen mash, put it in freezer bag and held it round knee with compression bandage. Kicked it off after about an hour as it was annoying me and not helping anyway. Then i stood on it when i got up, luckily it was still in bag, felt icky though :o/ Anyway. long & short of it is it was really sore on Wed, a wee bit sore yesterday and ok by last night. Mental.

So, one more Ultra left this year. Taking my total to 8. Wow. Yes i know some people think that's too much, but personally i think we all know our own bodies and our own limitations. I'm a believer in listening to your body and if i don't feel like running, then i don't. Just like today actually, was going to run in but woke up and decided not to, so I'm not.

Perth50k tomorrow, just going to enjoy it with some lovely people.

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  1. A truly superb year so far and still 4 more months to go :-)



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