Sunday, 27 February 2011


After last weeks moany blog of woe is me, doubting myself and whatnot I've had a complete turnaround this week. I think we need to question ourselves every so often to give ourselves the wee extra push we may need.

Ran everyday this week, but not home everyday, just 3 doubles. Also hit gym twice, luckily it didn't hit me back... Had bit of busy weekend planned so we said we'd have a quiet/early night Friday.

Best laid plans kinda go to waste as it happens. Ian said he fancied a drink after work after long busy week so i went to meet him, bad idea. Too much wine and late night with alarm set for too early for a Saturday morning quite frankly. But, long run was planned so long run we did. When we set off it was overcast and had been raining but it was dry at least. My jacket was off within a mile and i was down to my vest( and shorts, obv)

There are no pictures of this run as i fear it may have broke my camera it was *that* dull. Out to Broxburn along busy roads and screaming noisy traffic, me having a fight with the pavement near the Airport and wind and rain in our faces.lovely. Turnaround at Broxburn and onto Canal, at least it was quiet, and it's pleasant, dull but pleasant!And the sun came out to greet us. Perfect running weather really. The journey back always seems to go so much quicker and thankfully the miles just flew by, we did same time out and back so perfect pacing really. Flat stuff is very hard, there's no escape is there, you just have to keep pushing on and slog it out.

I did struggle and have bit of wobble on last mile, I'd not taken any drink and had a few sips of Ian's water along with 3 cola bottles, it's no wonder i ran out of energy. Ian pushed me on though and our last mile was one of fastest, he's a cruel man you know. 24.3miles done.

Home, shower and into my dress & heels for late Birthday Lunch with the girlies. Got some lovely pressies, and we had a great lunch with lots of laughs and lots of bubbles.

We took a bit of a wander for more drinks after and it was that i kind of felt that wearing my highest heels was possibly a mistake after a 24mile steady run lol

Sunday we'd planned a run on opposite scale of previous days, heading up to the Pentlands for our regular 12 mile loop. We start at Flotterstone & head up Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law then East & West Kip, down towards balerno then back out towards reservoirs before heading back to Flotterstone. Weather was prettydamn perfect on the lower ground at least, but the higher we got the
windier it got and i was nearly blown over a few times. Wind chill factor meant i kept my jacket on til got off hills, unheard off!
Again Ian pushed me for last couple miles and again last mile our fastest.I did actually feel a bit sick at end of it. This pleased Ian muchly. sicko.
So this week ended with my running 10 times in total and an almost record (but not quite) mileage of 73.78 miles. This had mix of hill runs, flat runs, trail runs and just plain old running to work.
Happy with that.

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  1. Ah the first flush of romance. If Marco tried to get me to run hard, I'd tell him to GTF. Actually we abandoned running together years ago. We always fell out within the first mile!!



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