Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Hare & The Tortoise

Or is it The Tortoise & the Hare?
I am the Tortoise, i quite like watching everyone tear off in Ultras only to pass them 20miles later, but i would like to get a wee bit faster at shorter stuff.... #
February finished with a recovery run to work which took me to 201 miles, without trying too hard so i guess i just need to stop stressing over mileage and stuff.

Instead i can stress over trying to run fast. eeek.

Tuesday was my first rest day in 9 days, when i say rest day i mean i didn't run to & from work and didn't go to gym. Still on my feet all day at work of course and reason for resting was the dreaded speed session we'd planned in the meadows at the unSandra time of 7pm.

I got home and was knackered, and cold , i get cold when I'm tired. So i wrapped myself in a duvet on sofa and dozed off and on til Ian came home, dragged me by hair off sofa and demanded i get dressed for our speed session. It may or not have happened like that but lets just say it did for purpose of this blog.

After grumping that i was tired, cold and missing the football ( i might've went on a bit about that) i got grudgingly lycra'd up and trudged down the stairs. We stopped at Brunstfield links and did our warm up mile (and half, i moaned about that too) then i was instructed on what to do. ie- run fast as i could for a mile, then stop.

So i did, i watched as Ian got further & further ahead and i felt like the tortoise ala title. we stopped once got to mile then had our rest period, this time Ian set me off a minute before him, this seemed to work better for me as i was determined for him not to pass me and ran much faster (hedidn't)

Next time i was only 30secs ahead and this time he did catch me, i did think about tripping him up but thought it might be a bit unsportly so resisted temptation(this time) last mile was about same as first one. Recovery mile run back to car and i have to admit that i actually enjoyed it, kind of....

So there it was, my first ever speed session in my lifetime. And i didn't die, although I'm sure Ian would've preferred it if i was sick, at least.

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