Thursday, 24 February 2011


I've been worrying a bit lately that I'm not doing enough training for WHW. I guess it's because my mileage from January dipped somewhat from the previous year(177 v's 238) that and reading the roll call of blogs with all sorts of super training going on, it kinda throws your head into a bit of turmoil and makes you question yourself.

Ian has had a word with me though and told me I'm exactly where i need to be and not to worry. So I'm not, because he sort of knows what he's talking about i suppose ;)

This is where the normalisation comes into it i guess, i remember reading a friends blog last year where he was alarmed at the number of runners jumping on the Ultra running bandwagon as he called it. He did wonder about people signing up to things too quickly, doing too much too soon.That running 50 miles was normal, and i do think that sometimes as Ultra runners we're easy to quip "oh its only 30miles" Normalisation.
I think on Fetch it can be easy to go into the forums and see all these crazy races and think, hey, i can do that! I used to look at people like George & Karen and tell them they were crazy, that you'd never find me doing stupid stuff like that....
I do beleive that what does happen is that people find what distance works for them. I'm most definitely a long distance girl,a good friend of mine Rachel really struggles with long runs but can kick my ass big time at shorter distances. Luckily we are all unique.

Anyway, back to my training. We have been making plans and sorting out when/how long our long runs will be and when we're starting the speed training (gulp, never ever done speed training!) Still gyming it but after realising I'd got a bit bored with set routine i was doing and upped my weights to highest i could carry i decided to get new direction. (anyone seen KarenD recently? there's surefire sign gymming it works!)

There is a PT who is in gym 3 times a week with a guy at 6am to put him through his paces, i decided to have wee chat to him and arrange a consult. So there i was at 6am this morning in his consulting room, after chatting to me and getting my objectives he told me I'd be easy to train cause i was clearly very fit :o) yaay He took me back into gym and ran through few things he'd put into my plan, quite lot of one legged squats, jumping and balancing onto bosu ball on one leg, and planks on gym ball etc. Going back next Thursday for my plan, really looking forward to it.

I'd love to have him as a personal trainer to push me that extra wee bit, he does great job and always varies routine with guy i see him with in gym. Unfortunately i cant afford it, i guess paying my mortgage is tad more important than a personal trainer. Luckily my gym is fairly cheap at only £17 month, and it's open 24hrs day so i can go at stupid o clock which suits me just fine. Oh, talking of said guy with said PT, i asked him who he was as i recognised his face, it's only Charlie from the Proclaimers!

How am i going to stop myself from singing da ra ra da, da ra ra da.......darum darum darum dara ra ra

Edinburgh is basking in sunshine today, even my dark morning run was warm, thankfully was in vest or i'd have been a little meltypot. Spring has sprung, hurrah!



  1. If i could lift 500 pounds and....x

    ps. I'm probably not doing enough running either.

  2. Sunshine Over Leith? Good luck with the training - you'll do great.

  3. Have a serious think about the PT. I never thought I would be the kind of person to use one but I know that I wouldn't be tri training now without it. I've spent a year strengthening my core which has in turn almost got rid of my back problem. That alone makes it worth every penny for me.

    Re the cost, usually if you book a block in advance it's much cheaper. I don't spend money on other stuff so I can afford it.

    Ali x

  4. I remember the days when you scoffed at training and just ran. Now you're putting us all to shame in every aspect. Girl power :-)

  5. Lelsely, i still *just run* but this race is biggest thing i've ever done and i dont want to mess it up! Ali, i'm not sure PT would actually work for me as i only allocate half an hour at a time for my gym work as oppposed to full hours session and i like to go mon/wed/fri and that's when Charlie from proclaimers is booked in lol, or i could just be scared and making excuses ;) re- back problems i had same few yrs ago and was injured doe 8 months, went on an efficient running course (pose) and i've never looked back!



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