Saturday, 5 February 2011

Yin & Yang

I always thought it was ying and yang....

Not having the best of times at work at mo, this week has been especially tough. I feel constantly drained and tired out. I know i get up ridiculously early but i have done for past 7 years now and it's never made me feel this tired before.

The company i work for prides itself on quality apparently, one of the quotes i first read was
"we care passionately about our food, our people and our clients"
Great ethos, i was impressed when i read that, impressed by their pitch, their website. I understood why they kept winning contracts. Maybe it's my own fault. I'm a hard worker, i put 100% in at all times. I care passionately about what i do. But it takes a team to make that work.

Always hate it when people say "they'll give it 110%" it's not possible is it? Stupid thing to say really. But i genuinely feel I'm putting in 150% at the mo and getting no appreciation for it whatsoever. I left work on Friday afternoon after being on my feet all day with no break, no food, nothing. I gave up any thoughts of running home and stood at bus stop with tears rolling down my face. Went home, ate 2 slices of toast, had couple of drinks then went to bed at 7.30.

Not good.

Anyway, yin, Yang etc. At least rest of my life is good, better than good. I'm happy, i'm healthy, i have a wonderful son and a great relationship. Things to be thankful for.


  1. Oh the thought of you at that bus stop makes me want to cry... Massive hugs xxx

  2. Happy and healthy puts everything else into context. I'm sure work will improve but if not, move on. Sounds like they'll miss you more than you would miss them!

    Ali x



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